Efteling Park in the Netherlands

Park Efteling in the Netherlands, which appeared in 1952 thanks to the artist from Holland Anton Piku, is located 100 kilometers south of Amsterdam, in the town of Katsheuvel (Kaatsheuvel), which is a few kilometers from Tilburg (Brabant province) ...

Парк Эфтелинг в Нидерландах

This oldest corner of Holland's entertainment grew out of a small glade that the creator populated with heroes of fairy tales: dragons, elves, jinns, gnomes ... The idea pleased the Dutch and their kids, and the park began to grow, including more and more, more modern attractions. Today it is the largest theme park in the Netherlands, one of the favorite places of rest for young Dutch people, and also one of the oldest amusement parks in the world. It is twice the world-famous Disneyland Park in California, which appeared three years later. Every year Efteling is visited by over 4 million guests.

Efteling today is a huge green territory for entertainment and attractions, where 36 modern attractions with water slides and slides, as well as 7 kingdom sectors, four of which: Marerijk, Ruigrijk, Anderrijk and Reizenrijk - are waiting for guests - they are located in the main territory inside the park, and three more - outside. There are so many interesting things that it's easy to get lost.

Парк Эфтелинг в Нидерландах

For the first time looking into Efteling, guests are lost and do not know where to go first. The administration of the park offers guests several places, so-called business cards, which can not be missed during the visit.

Fairytale Tree (Fairy Tale Tree)

The tree of fairy tales is a huge oak tree, which tells tales to children in the company of squirrels, hares and other forest creatures. In total, there are 20 fairy tales in the "arsenal" of a smart plant, most of which are accompanied by interactive elements.

Dreamflight Droomvlucht (Flight of dreams)

The most mysterious and mysterious attraction of the park. Dreamflight is suitable for both adults and children. It is made in the style of "road of horrors", but it is not worth it. Rather, admire the beauty of the world created by the artists and sculptors of the park.


Raveleijn is a theatrical performance, based on the story of the struggle of the five knights against the evil ruler and the five-headed dragon. Actors here are not only people, but horses, crows and even a falcon! Those who do not understand in Dutch, give out small players that allow you to watch a show with voice acting in their native language.

The Flying Dutchman (Flying Dutchman)

Thematic roller coaster with a descent into the water The Flying Dutchman will give you a lot of impressions to you and your family. The design of the attraction is very beautiful: in the style of a medieval castle. Slides are quite extreme and will appeal to fans of thrill.

Polles Keuken (Kitchen Polle)

Polles Keuken is not just a restaurant or a cafe, it's a real attraction. Here, in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere, you can try delicious pies from the chef. Waiting for the order, you do not have to have fun yourself: in the center of the hall is a mini-kitchen, where the dishes are prepared by themselves. It will take a long time to carefully consider it all.

There are many interesting places in Efteling Park. It is simply impossible to describe everything within the framework of one article. It is best to go there and see for yourself. By the way, not far from the park there is a hotel with a fairy-tale theme.