Where are the best roads in the world?

An exact and unequivocal answer to the question "where are the best roads in the world?" Does not exist. Since there is no common understanding of the word "best", different experts put different meanings in it ...

Some consider the main indicator of the quality of the roads their width and number of lanes, others - the number of sharp turns per kilometer of the road, the third - the quality of asphalt, the fourth - the average speed.

Therefore, the list of four countries with the best roads, which we publish here, is rather conditional and is based on different sources.


Где самые лучшие дороги в мире? Швейцария

The centuries-old habit of the inhabitants of this mountainous country to do everything of the highest quality, whether it be watches, cheese or knives, is noticeable when driving on local roads. Reviews of tourists are mostly enthusiastic - the roads in Switzerland are in perfect condition and are laid very skillfully, at the wheel you often forget that you are driving in a mountainous area. True, this is often reminiscent of tunnels - there are more than 200 of them in this small country. But for the excellent quality of Swiss roads one has to pay, not for a kilometer, but for a kind of subscription - "vignette", which is issued for a year and is attached to each car.


Самые лучшие дороги в мире - Германия

Germans themselves on the question "where are the best roads in the world?" Confidently answer - in Germany. After all, it was here that autobahns were invented-high-speed roads with a separated barrier or some other method of counter-flowing cars. The recommended speed of the autobahn is 130 km / h, but this is the recommendation - there is no official speed limit on autobahns. And since speed is the main advantage of an autobahn, the maximum inclination of a roadway should not exceed 4%. As for the strength of the road surface, it is provided by the thickness of the canvas 55-58 cm, which allows to land on the highway even to such a giant as the Boeing 747.


Самые лучшие дороги в мире - США

The construction of high-quality roads in the United States has always been a priority in the economic policy of the government of this country. After all, unlike Europe, most of the flow of goods and passengers in the US is not for rail, but for road transport. The total length of roads in the US is the largest in the world - more than six million kilometers, of which highways (here they are called "interstate") - more than 76,000 kilometers.


Самые лучшие дороги в мире - Китай

According to the length of the roads, the Middle Kingdom takes the second place, after the USA, in the world - almost four million kilometers. And the quality of Chinese roads, according to experts, does not cause censure. The Chinese government has invested heavily in the development of the country's road network, solving a complex and ambitious task - to get first in the world in terms of the total length of the roads.