How to behave in an airplane with a small child - five tips

Traveling on an airplane with a small child is a serious test for parents, even when the kid is calm. If the child is excited, crying, capricious - you can forget about a comfortable flight, and not only to parents, but also to passengers in neighboring seats.

Как вести себя в самолёте с маленьким ребёнком – пять советов

In this article, we'll talk about what you need to do to keep your child calm during the whole air travel. Five tips placed here are given by parents who have extensive experience of flights with young children and shared them in blogs, these are not recommendations of specialists. And, of course, such advice does not fully guarantee the child's impeccable behavior on board the aircraft, but listen to them is worth it.

1. Selection of flight and carrier

Flights for flights with small children should be chosen in such a way that minimally shift the time of sleep and feeding your baby. When selecting a carrier, pay attention to the additional amenities that the airline provides to passengers with young children. This can include separate children's places, hanging cradles, baby food sets, pillows, blankets, changing tables in the toilets. Information on these additional facilities can be found on the airline's website.

2. Food and Drinks

You should always have at your fingertips children's drinks to quench your thirst and reduce pressure when taking-off and landing, as well as relieve the excitement of a child in an unfamiliar environment, from accidental fright and other stressful situations. It is better, if it will be familiar to the child drinks, the same applies to children's food. In airplanes of large airlines you can be offered a special children's menu. Experienced mothers strongly recommend taking on board sliced ​​apple slices with small slices in this way and you can soothe and feed.
You can offer the baby and some kind of delicacy, forbidden in the usual situation, for example, chupa-chups.

3. Toys

A great way to attract the attention of a child and reassure him is to give a new toy or a bright trinket that he has not seen before. Such "surprises" should be prepared in advance, but, in extreme cases, you can buy toys or coloring in the airport duty-free kiosk. Some airlines offer passengers and children sets of toys and coloring. However, it should be taken into account - to attract the attention of the child a new toy is capable of a maximum of half an hour.

4. Books

Be sure to take with you on the road new books, coloring books, stickers and the like children's polygraphy, taking into account the age and features of your baby's perception. Even babies can be reassured by reading or telling a fairy tale. Such pastime is psychologically important in flight - the mother calms down, while her peace of mind is passed on to the child. Concerning children's audiobooks and music, opinions diverge, but the soothing effect of the headphones worn on the child is noted by almost everyone who flew with young children.

5. The Porthole

Many adults are also fond of "watching the window" during the flight. And babies can be carried away for a long time by contemplating clouds and sunsets-sunrises. In addition, the place next to the porthole - quieter, less risk that the baby will scare or even hit the luggage of someone from passing through the salon.

And, in conclusion, the "anti-Soviet". Some parents try to exhaust their child before the flight, hoping that in the cabin he will immediately fall asleep, and will not cause unnecessary trouble. Experienced travel mothers never do this: the effect of such exhaustion can be directly opposite to the expected.

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