What is the speed of the plane during take-off?

Most likely, the question in question is not about the speed with which the plane takes off - it changes almost every second, but about the speed at which the plane passes from "ride" to "flight", that is, breaks off from the surface of the earth.
Какая скорость у самолёта при взлете?

The speed of take-off varies greatly for different aircraft of different types and purposes, for a light sports aircraft, naturally, the separation speed is significantly lower than for a heavy passenger liner such as the A-380.

As for passenger airliners, for them there is the following scale of approximate speeds of detachment from the runway:

• Airbus A380 - 268 km / h
• Boeing 747 - 270 km / h
• Boeing 737 - 220 km / h
• IL 96 - 250 km / h
• Tu 154M - 210 km / h
• Yak 40 - 180 km / h

The above figures are only approximate, since the liner detachment speed largely depends on the speed and direction of the wind, the length and condition of the runway, the action of noise control measures, and some other factors.

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