Iran: something about bans

Iran is a peculiar country. If in Egypt you can note for yourself that something similar has already happened in Jordan or Tunisia, in Vietnam analogies with China come to mind, and in Europe such "international" analogies are at every step, then Iran does not resemble any another country.

Иран: кое-что о запретах

This uniqueness attracts tourists, it also creates some difficulties for them. The most famous are the various religious and political bans that operate in the country and apply to foreign tourists.

The most, perhaps, serious ban can overtake you even before you crossed the Iranian border. If you have a passport in your passport about visiting Israel - the entrance to Iran for you is closed, as they say, without options. Theoretically, there seems to be a way out of this "political impasse" - a year should pass from the time of the trip to Israel, but experienced tourists say: it may not work, it is better not to try.

Another of a series of political bans: in the territory of Iran, the use of the American mail service Gmail, as well as YouTube hosting and Facebook social network is completely prohibited. It is also forbidden to import political literature. There is no direct ban on political discussions and just no talks, but it's better not to test fate, especially since the Iranians themselves are unlikely to discuss their internal political problems with you.

As for religious prohibitions, it is sometimes difficult for Europeans to understand what religious feelings may hurt, for example, the Barbie doll, as well as her images, like Batman and Spider-Man.

Кукла Барби запрещена в Иране

Местные Барби

But there are prohibitions of this kind, and they strictly follow their execution. The fact is that Islam in Iran is a state religion, sharia norms regulate the whole life of Iranians, and seemingly absurd to us prohibitions for local residents is the norm of life. For example, photographing women, even small girls, in any form, according to Iranian concepts - an insult to a husband, father or brother, this must be taken into account.

Запреты в Иране

Foreign tourists may be annoyed by prescriptions, for example, women wear a blouse or blouse with only long sleeves, pants - with a skirt or some other clothing covering the "stern", and at the same time must cover the head with a handkerchief. Men - do not wear shorts, and shirts or T-shirts - only with long sleeves. But this is exactly how the Iranians dress themselves, and in relation to them there is a much more severe "dress code", for example, men are not recommended to tuck the shirt in their pants.

Иран: кое-что о запретах

From the area of ​​absolute prohibitions: alcohol can neither be imported into the country nor consumed, nor can it be cooked from pork. Pets, cats and dogs are not allowed into the country.

В Иране повесили двух парней нестандартной ориентации

Completely forbidden and same-sex love. However, with the manifestations of the same-sex love one should be cautious: a modest conjugal kiss in a public place can cause profound displeasure and even irritation of the Iranians.

Религия в Иране

These are not all prohibitions that await tourists who decide to visit Iran, and we did not set out to bring their full list here. It's about another: Iran is very interesting, in the tourist sense, the country, but to visit it or not to decide, of course, only you!