In what country is polydomism permitted?

Officially polyandry, or polyandry, is allowed in Nepal and the Tibet Autonomous Region of China. There is also polyandry in Sri Lanka and some mountainous regions of South India, where orthodox Buddhism is widespread. There the wife can have several husbands, usually siblings.

В какой стране разрешено многомужество?

The polydomism permitted by the Buddhist religion can not be considered a manifestation of some special sensuality of women living in these countries, where the number of women is significantly higher than the number of men. It is determined by the traditional way of life and socio-economic reasons.

The form of the marriage relationship, in which one woman is the wife of two or more brothers, is called the adverbial. The mountainous areas of Tibet, the Himalayas, Nepal and Sri Lanka are fairly densely populated and lack arable and pasture land. Such marriages prevent the fragmentation of landed property and other immovable property between siblings, members of the same family, as children are considered common and property passes from generation to generation of undivided.

As for our country, it prohibits both polyandry and polygamy.