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Meeting of partners of the project "Tempus Cruise T" was held on April 4th 2016 in EURAC research Bozen. Delegation from NU "OMA" - vice-rector on scientific, pedagogical work and international activity, national coordinator of the project "Tempus Cruise T" Zaichko Sergey, senior lecturer Babachenko Marina, senior lecturer Peresypkina Natalya, cadet Samoilenko Alexandra and Deputy Head of the Department of Culture and Tourism of Odessa City Council - Alona Diachenko. The experts from European Union represented schedule of each field visit (workshops). Thematic issues: 1). Destination management and Product development in tourism by Manuel Demetz and Michael Volgger. 2). Hospitality and hotel management by Wolfgang Fuchs. 3). Rural tourism by Jana Kucoreva. After the presentation of workshops, project's coordinators discussed working process and issues.

On April 5, 2016, on the base of scientific and research center EURAC, Bolzano, Italy, the workshops, which were devised for the traineeship program of the Tempus CruieseT, were held.

The topic of the first workshop - “Destination management and product development”. The coordinators of this workshop were partners of the project from Italy – Manuel Demetz and Michael Volgger. NU “OMA” was represented by senior lecturers Marina Babachenko and Natalia Peresypkina. Alyona Dyachenko, the deputy head of  department of culture and tourism, was the representative of Odessa City Council on this workshop. During the workshop the next questions were discussed: base concepts and current tendencies of the tourist destinations, definitions and functions of the organizations in the tourist destination management, branding in tourism, the aspects of the tourist product development.

The topic of the second workshop - “Hospitality and hotel management”. The coordinator of this workshop was the partner of the project from Germany – professor Wolfgang Fuchs. The representative of NU “OMA” was vice-rector, coordinator of the project in Ukraine – Sergei Zaichko. The current tendencies of development of the hotel business and standards for the European hotels, the methods of investment and hotel management  and the characteristic of activity of the hotels of international brands were considered on this workshop.

The topic of the third workshop: "Rural tourism". Coordinator of this workshop was Jana Kucerova, who represents Slovakia in the project. The representative of NU "OMA" on this workshop was the cadet of the 5th course - Alexandra Samoilenko. The main aspects of creating and development of the rural tourism and international standards in this kind of tourism were discussed  during the workshop. Jana Kucerova imparted experience of Slovakia in promotion of the rural tourism.

On April 6, 2016 the field researches were planned for all the participants of the traineeship. The participants of the workshop №1 visited tourist city – Meran, Italy, which situated in the Alpine valley. There were the excursions in the Museum of Tourism and Botanical Garden on the territory of the castle Trauttmansdorff. The participants of the workshop №2 - “Hospitality and hotel management” visited hotels of Bolzano and consulting bureau, the main manager of which said about main aspects of the bureau's activities. The participants of the workshop №3: "Rural tourism" visited alpine village, which is considered to be the Alpine pearl. The excursion was held in one of the best hotels in the village, and the main principles of the development of the rural tourism in this destination were presented. In the frameworks of the field research participants visited the alpine farm and creamery

On the 7th of April the final day of meeting (training) of international project Tempus Cruise T was held. Representatives of partner-universities, according to results of workshops, presented presentations about received knowledges and results, and also proposals concerning application of tourist strategies for Ukraine and Georgia.After all presentations, pr. of Paderborn University Nicholas Schaper summarized all meeting's results and gave recommendations for further activity.

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