The Baleares introduced a new tax Print

The Balearic Islands introduced a special guest fee for all tourists aged 16 and over. Its size will depend on the type of accommodation and season ...

Балеары ввели новый налог

The tax will be payable by all tourists visiting Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca and Formentera. Means, charged in the amount of 0.25 to 2 euros per night per person, is planned to be used to support the tourist infrastructure of island resorts.

Most of all - 2 euros per night per person - tourists will pay, having a rest with appropriate comfort, that is, in a 5 * hotel. Guests of 4 * hotels will pay 1.5 euros, spending the night in apartments, guest houses and 2-3 * hotels will cost the guests 1 euro. Budget tourist accommodation - campsites and hostels - also will not escape the introduction of a special guest fee of 0.5 euros.

It will also be necessary to pay passengers of cruise liners, if it "spent the night" in any of the ports of the Balearic Islands. The fee for passengers is 1 euro per night.

In the low season - in the period from early November to late March, the size of the guest fee will be two times lower. A discount of half is also waiting for those tourists who decided to stay longer than 9 days in the same place of accommodation.

This is not the only innovation of the Balearic Islands concerning tourists. Now, special lovers will make a noise and their behavior will be hindered by a fine of up to 3 thousand euros, depending on the nature and severity of the offense. According to the local press, the first 100 fines for "violent" tourists have already been imposed.

Last year, the Balearics was visited by about 14 million tourists from different countries. This season is expected to increase the influx of holidaymakers by 10-15%.