Five famous abandoned resorts of the world Print
Popularity is a fickle thing. Tourist centers and famous resorts, like people, live and die. We will tell here about five once popular, and today - forgotten centers of tourism in different countries:

Hotel Grossinger, USA - victim of fickle fashion

Отель Grossinger, США – жертва переменчивой моды

In 1919, not far from New York, one of the most popular ski resorts in the United States was founded. Grossinger immediately became a haven of wealthy businessmen, show business stars and sports. The famous American boxer Rocky Marciano loved to rest here. Based on the memories of the noble hotel guests, it is believed that the script of the legendary film "Dirty Dancing" was written. Here rested 150 thousand rich guests a year. In the snowless winter of 1950, a huge resort area, which housed 35 different buildings and even an airport, was covered with artificial snow.

Отель Grossinger, США

But the fashion is changeable, fashion has passed and to expensive resorts in the old style. A young generation of Americans began to attract exotic beaches in the tropics and ski resorts in Europe. In 1986 the Hotel Grossinger was closed. This is sometimes visited by lovers of extreme tourism and just looters hunting for objects of everyday life of the 60s.

Varosha , North Cyprus - all the fault of the politician

Вароша, Северный Кипр – всему виной политика

In the middle of the twentieth century, the north-east coast of the island of Cyprus was one of the most fashionable resorts in Europe. Here rested Elizabeth Taylor, Brigitte Bardot, Richard Burton and other celebrities of the time.

But in 1974, a military conflict erupted between the Greeks and Turks who inhabited the island. The resort came under the control of Turkish armed formations, Greeks from Varosha expelled. The city and the entire resort area was surrounded by barbed wire and surrounded by roadblocks.

В таком брошенном состоянии Вароша пребывает до сих пор

In such an abandoned condition, Varosha remains until now. Rare daredevils who managed to penetrate the city, say that in the stores there are still preserved canned food, wine and clothing of the 70s.

Villa Epequin, Argentina - so decided nature

Вилья-Эпекуэн, Аргентина – так решила природа

The famous spa resort of Villa Epecuén, located on salt lakes near Buenos Aires, was unlucky. The resort became popular due to its unique nature, because of its vagaries it suffered. 5000 guests a year, world-class hotels, world stars coming to the treatment - all this made it possible to compare Villa-Epecuen with the resorts of the Dead Sea. And it all collapsed when it rained. In the literal sense; almost continuous rains over a period of ten years overflowed the lake, and salty water poured into the resort.

Вилья-Эпекуэн, Аргентина

Вилья-Эпекуэн, Аргентина. Фото 1


After 2008, when the riots ceased, the streets and buildings began to appear from the water, covered with an iris of salt crystals. This fantastic picture again attracts tourists, but, of course, not in the same number.

Kupari, Croatia - not survived the war

Купари, Хорватия – не переживший войну

Kupari (Kupari), a resort town on the Adriatic coast of Croatia, became the zealous dissolution of Yugoslavia. A huge hotel complex was built on its territory, the highest ranks of the Yugoslav army rested here, including the head of state, Marshal Josip Broz Tito.

Купари, Хорватия

In 1991, during the armed clashes between the Serbs and Croats, the city was repeatedly subjected to rocket attacks and pillaging of marauders. Kupari has not yet been restored.

San Antonio del Tekendama, Colombia - destroyed by people

Сан-Антонио дель Текендама. Фото 1

Until 1926, at the picturesque waterfall of Tekendama in Colombia was the villa of the President of the country El Hotel del Salto. Then it was converted into a fashionable hotel, with four overground floors and two underground floors. From rich tourists there was no lights out, but in the 70-ies of the last century the waterfall began to get dirty and dry up, and with it the flow of tourists. The luxurious hotel was abandoned and since then only homeless and marauders have been sheltering.

Сан-Антонио дель Текендама, Колумбия

But the story of El Hotel del Salto, oddly enough, did not end there. The former place of elite rest began to attract ... suicides. To a large extent, this was promoted by the legend, according to which during the conquest of Colombia by the Spanish conquistadors, there was a massive suicide of local Indians.

Сан-Антонио дель Текендама, Колумбия – разрушено людьми

And in our time, here for the same purpose began to come ruined businessmen, suffering from undivided love of romance and other categories of people with unbalanced psyche. The hotel began to be called the residence of ghosts. The Government of Colombia intends to restore the El Hotel del Salto in its former capacity.