The most original hotels of the world, opened in 2017 Print

This year the world has already earned a lot of hotels and hostels, some of which are very original ...

Самые оригинальные отели мира, открытые в 2017 году

Some differ in unusual design, others provide non-standard services, others surprise with their size. Tourist portal will tell you about the most original hotels that have opened in the last few months.

Georgian Hotel Quadrum

The design of the Hotel Quadrum, which is located in the famous ski resort of Verkhny Gudauri in Georgia, is made of freight containers.

Грузинский отель Quadrum

The hotel started its work in March. Travelers can stay in family rooms, single rooms and suites. There is also a sauna and a swimming pool.

Book Hostel The Book and Bed Tokyo-Kyoto

The Book Hostel Bed and Breakfast, Tokyo-Kyoto, located in the Japanese city of Kyoto, sleep on bookshelves.

Книжный хостел The Book and Bed Tokyo-Kyoto

In each section there is a lamp and an outlet, as well as a curtain so that visitors can retire.

Israeli hotel in the rescue tower

The world's first hotel in the rescue tower was demolished after 10 days of work. It was located on Frishman Beach in Tel Aviv and hosted guests from March 15 to 25.

Израильская гостиница в спасательной вышке

To stay at the hotel, it was necessary to participate in the contest. Visitors stayed in a two-storey suite with a jacuzzi, could take advantage of room service and butler services. Also the package included breakfast.

Hotel Walled Off Hotel on the border of Palestine and Israel

Famous English street artist Banksy opened the Walled Off Hotel on the border between Israel and Palestine.

Гостиница Walled Off Hotel на границе Палестины и Израиля

The hotel has nine rooms and one suites, and the walls are decorated with works of Banksy.

The 7th Room

The 7th Room Hotel is built on 12 columns at an altitude of 10 meters in a pine forest in Lapland (Finland).

Финский отель The 7th Room

The building is surrounded by trees and resembles a traditional Scandinavian dwelling. The hotel has an area of ​​55 square meters with a living room, two bedrooms and a bathroom.

Maldive Five-Star Hurawalhi Island Resort

Five-star hotels in the Maldives are not uncommon. But in Hurawalhi Island Resort on the atoll of Laviani there is an underwater restaurant, which is at a depth of about 6 meters.

Мальдивский пятизвёздочный Hurawalhi Island Resort

The room is located in a transparent tunnel, and guests can see seafood not only on the table, but also floating around.

Spanish Portable Hotel Room Drop box

Innovation from the Spanish design company In-Tenta - mobile hotel room Drop box.

Испанский портативный гостиничный номер Drop box

The design is designed for 4 people, it can be installed in any convenient place. The room is equipped with a shower room and a terrace, there is a variant with two bedrooms.

Singapore Oasia Flower Hotel

In early 2017 in the center of Singapore earned a 27-storey hotel-flower Oasia. Its facade is tightened with a grid with a real lawn.

Сингапурский отель-цветок Oasia

Also in the building there are 4 green terraces, located in through openings. Guests stop in 314 rooms, the hotel has shops and offices.

Japanese Hotel Henn na Hotel

Since mid-March in the Chiba Prefecture in Japan, the Henn na Hotel operates, where almost all personnel are replaced by robots.

Японский отель Henn na Hotel

American Hotel The Flagler Club

The Breakers Hotel opened in the distant 1896 and was called The Palm Beach Inn. But The Flagler Club earned recently and became the world's first hotel, which is located inside another hotel.

Американский отель The Flagler Club

It is located on the two upper floors of The Breakers and rents numbers from $ 2.1 thousand. The American hotel The Flagler Club was named after the American businessman and financier Henry Flagler (Henry Flagler), who was the creator of The Breakers.