Why are there many transvestites and transgender people in Thailand? Print
In order to correctly answer the question "Why is there a lot of transvestites and transsexuals in Thailand ?" You should first understand some of the concepts.

Почему в Тайланде много трансвеститов и транссексуалов?

Transvestites are men who try to look like women, dress in women's clothes, use women's cosmetics and in everything try to imitate people of the opposite sex.

It is believed that transvestites, portraying women, get sexual satisfaction, but this is not necessary.

The structure of the Thai economy, focused primarily on tourism, creates a specific situation with jobs: girls are required much more than young people. For example, in the show business, serving tourists, the proportion of "young man-girl" is 1 \ 10. Therefore, the number of young Thai people, quite normal in sexual terms, but wishing to get "female" work is growing.

Sometimes, talking about the dominance of transvestites in Thailand, they are confused with transsexuals , that is, with people who have changed their surgical way to the opposite sex. But they still need to be distinguished, since transvestites only change into a feminine, while transsexuals tend to match the female image completely.

By the way, transsexuals are called the "third sex" in Thailand. They are also called Ladyboy (Ladyboy) or KATHOEY (Kathoey).

Ледибой в Тайланде

And now back to our question about the dominance of transvestites and transgender people in Thailand ..

To a large extent this opinion is promoted by myths distributed by guides and authors of paid "reviews" and articles on the Internet, designed to add exoticism to this already exotic country.

Among such myths are stories about free sex change operations in Thailand; that the king himself of this country is a transvestite and finances his own kind; finally, that in the country - matriarchy and be a woman more prestigious and profitable.

All these idle inventions lose their meaning, if you read the statistics. Transsexuals and transvestites in Thailand, according to various estimates, from 30 to 180 thousand people. If you take on faith even the largest figure - 180 thousand, it's only 0.27% of the 65 million people in Thailand, so what kind of dominance can we talk about?