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Europa 2 at Odessa Sea Port Print E-mail
Tourism news
Monday, 06 October 2014 14:25

On September, 16 the Odessa passenger terminal welcomed the newest 5-star cruise liner Europa 2, which was built in 2013,333 and which is owned by Hapag - Lloyd. The liner carried 241 passengers on board.

As to Svetlana Yarovaya,  SC HPC Ukraina PR&Communication Director ( the company operates the container terminal at the Quarantine Mole in the port), the calling of Europa 2 at Odessa sea port – was some kind of action of the subsidiary company  HHLA (Germany) in support of Ukraine.

 During the vessel’s berthing at Odessa sea port, SC HPC Ukraina and Hapag Lloyd held a ceremony for the representatives of company-clients and Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority.

 -The name of the liner “Europa” is a symbol for me, told Klaus Schmoeker, the President of SC HPC Ukraina to the guests, - Because I belong to the generation , which was a witness of the union of Europe, when all the European countries became one unit. I think that the calling of the cruise liner of the company Hapag Lloyd is a good sign: after it, morer cruise liners will call at Odessa sea port.

Odessa Sea Port Authority General Manager, Mikhail Sokolov in his turn thanked the managers of the company for their belief in the country and Odessa on the whole:

-          We are glad to work with partners, representing major companies, which are not afraid to invest in Ukrainian economy. I thank Klaus Schmoeker, and his great staff, the master of Europa 2, Kristian van Zvamen, for belief in our country which nowadays goes through a hard period of time.


The cruise liner «Celebrity Constellation» called at Varna Print E-mail
Tourism news
Friday, 26 September 2014 14:45

The cruise liner «Celebrity Constellation», which is owned by the cruise company Celebrity Cruise Lines called atbb997292e2545f3c79efb7eecdf5dece Varna, Bulgaria on September 22, 2014.

The liner carried more than 2 000 passengers of 35 nationalities. The passengers were carries to the shore with the help of owned transport equipment of the kiner (tenders), with a capacity of 120 passengers.

In should be reminded that it is the first visit of the liner to Varna this season. Now the liner follows such a 12-day cruise (September,20 – October,2): Istanbul, Turkey - Burgas, Bulgaria – Varna, Bulgaria – Constanta, Romania – sea day – Trabzon, Turkey – Sinop, Turkey – sea day - Mikonos, Greece – Piraeus(Athens), Greece – Kusadasi, Turkey – Istanbul, Turkey.

Also, the liner will call at 4 ports in the frame of 12-day cruise (October, 2 –14): Istanbul, Turkey - Burgas, Bulgaria - Varna, Bulgaria - Constanta, Romania – sea day – Mikonos, Greece – Piraeus(Athens), Greece – Kusadasi, Turkey – Istanbul, Turkey.

The last visit to the port of Varna will be on October 16 in the frame of 11-day cruise (October, 14-25): Istanbul, Turkey - Burgas, Bulgaria - Varna, Bulgaria – sea day – Sochi, Russia (night there) – Trabzon, Turkey - Sinop, Turkey – sea day – Istanbul, Turkey.

After that cruise, the liner will cruise friom Istanbul to Rome, where on November, 5 will cruise to Fort-Lauderdale, Florida, and will start cruise in the Caribbean. 


In the future, the cruise liners will be gigantic Print E-mail
Tourism news
Tuesday, 23 September 2014 08:31

Swedish designer Fredrik Johansson has conducted research that describes how cruise ships might look in 50 years.09dae2 According to him, they will be enormously huge. And he is not wrong, because according to the forecast of the British organization Ocean Shipping Consultants, in the year 2065 the number of people willing to make a cruise trip around the world will grow approximately to 75 million people. For comparison: according to estimates, in 2015 cruise ships will carry approximately 24 million passengers, and in 2020 - about 30 million passengers.

At the first glance, Swedish project has a little in common with conventional cruise ship. However, Johansson is not a fiction writer, and a true professional. In his office, Tillberg Design, he and his stuff work on shipbuilding and development of the design. For instance, they developed such a modern ship like the Queen Mary 2. Johansson believes that in the future huge cruise ships will furrow the sea and the ocean. And because of their sizes they will no longer be able to call at ports at all, but passengers will have seaplanes and a row of super yachts at their disposal.

Designer predicts the emergence of a new generation of eco-friendly cruise ships, deac05efcorated in the same style: Vessel-base, which looks like a hybrid of a cruise ship and a huge high-speed train, which can take on board 8 000 passengers and 4 000 members of the crew.

A known “stranger” called at Odessa sea port once again Print E-mail
Tourism news
Friday, 19 September 2014 09:01

Yesterday, on September 18, on 13:00, the m/v “Berlin” moored at the berth #15. This is, so to say, a first ship callkRIEdh4PWj0 at Odessa with such a name, but still, the same vessel called at Odessa sea port earlier, bearing the names “FTI Berlin” and “SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE”. The vessel carried 324 passengers, who are mainly the citizens of France. Among the crew there are Ukrainians. According to the ship agent “Odemara”, Vladimir Basiyk, the vessel visited Odessa in the frame of the cruise “Eastern Mediterranean”, which was planned in the cruise ship schedule 2014.

The owner of the vessel is a German company FTI Cruises. The vessel was named “Berlin” in 1981, and now the company decided to return this name. Since 1981 the liner carried a lot of passengers, but didn’t lose the “spirit of adventures”.

The vessel came from Nessebar, Bulgaria and left on 19:00 to Constanta, Romania.

The newest liner at the berth of Odessa sea port Print E-mail
Tourism news
Wednesday, 17 September 2014 13:32

 On August 16, 2014 at 7:45 am, the m/v “Europa II” (225, 4 m, Maltese flag) moored at the berth #15DSC_0276-0 of Odessa passenger terminal. The liner came from Constanta with 241 passengers on board.

“Europa II” is a modern passenger liner, which was built in May 2013 at the French dockyard for the company Hapag-Lloyd. The vessel visited Odessa in previous year in October.

The program of the excursion is very vast; it even includes the bicycle ride over the city.

The departure of the vessel is planning on August 17, 2014 at 16:00 pm to Varna.

Passengers’ impressions:

A family from Zurich, Germany

We enjoyed a city a lot, especially its architecture, nature and people living in the city. We walked a lot, really, so we were not able to remember all the places we had seen, except for the main ones, like the Opera House, the boulevard, the Ekaterinenskaya square. We do hope that tomorrow, during the excursion, we will be able to get acquainted with the history of the city. To tell you the truth, at first, we were a little upset because of cancelling Yalta from the route. On the whole, we had no problems during our walk, we enjoyed it a lot. One funny case happened, which cannot be regarded as a problem at all: we couldn’t understand what it means “rpH” when we looked at the prices, but then we were explained, that it is the Ukrainian currency “UAH” written in Ukrainian. We bought our friends a lot of souvenirs, and will definitely advise them to visit Odessa city. r-EyMckx3zk


A couple from Florida, USA

One word: great. We liked it all: Potyomkin stairs, Ekaterinenskaya square, the Opera House, the Cathedral, and etc. We walked a lot. Tomorrow we are going to the excursion “Catacombs of Odessa”; we are looking forward to it. Of course we couldn’t miss the fact that women here are very beautiful. We tasted the Ukrainian food, it was extremely tasty. Time flies very quickly. We watched the news, and weren’t afraid to visit Odessa, as we heard that everything is all right here. We do hope that everything will turn to better very soon at the East of the country.


A couple from Charleston, USA

We have just arrived from the excursion and we want to go for a walk right now. The guides tries to show us as much as it is possible, but we walked a little, so we hope to fix it now. What we mentioned during the excursion is that the city is very clean, and full of trees and flowers. The architecture is also magnificent. We want to try Ukrainian cuisine, to buy souvenirs and to walk by the Primorskiy Boulevard. It is very convenient that the port is in the center of the city, so we are not to waste our time. 


Tourism news
Friday, 12 September 2014 16:20

Today, on September, 12 three passenger ships called at Odessa sea port. On the whole, the passenger terminal hosted 1,300 passengers.

At 9:00 am m/v Ocean Dream moored at berth #15 of the terminal. There are 932 passengers onboard, who came from Constanta, Romania and at 9:00 pm will depart to Sochi, Russia. Ocean Dream called at Odessa Sea Port for the first time. And one more peculiarity of today’s biggest ship is that the liner was rent by Japanese non-governmental organization Peace Boat, the main aim of which is the cooperation of cultures in order to achieve peace in the world, to protect human rights and to save the environment.

A little bit earlier, m/v Star Pride and m/v “Viking Sineus” moored at berths #18 and # 19 accordingly. The first one carried 191 passengers, and the second one 177, who are mainly Europeans. M/v “Star Pride” came from the Turkish port Samsun, and is planning to depart to Constanta, Romania in the evening. It should be stressed that, it is for the first time, that m/v “Viking Sineus” came with passengers, and not for parking, and then it will depart to Galati, Romania.

Here are the passenger's impressions:

A couple from New England

Very lovely city! What impressed us most of all, is that it is very clean. We have read a lot about the history of the city before our trip, about Babel, Mishka Yaponchik, and the building history, etc. We imagined it absolutely in another way; we chose this cruise because of 2 destinations – Yalta and Odessa. It is such a pity, that we didn’t go to Moldovanka area, and weren’t shown famous yards of Odessa, and old Jewish city. Also, we were impressed a lot, that the city is very modern, and in the meantime you the historic architecture of the city is saved. Unfortunately, we were only on the bus excursion. We were astonished by Ekaterinenskaya square and of course by the Opera House. My husband enjoyed Protestant church, as he is ethnic German. We mentioned that the city comprises in itself a lot of internationalities. We won’t lie if we say, that we were afraid a little to visit Odessa, as we watch the news. We do hope that everything is going to be OK soon. We want a22222222222 lot to return here ASAP.


A family from Florida

We are for the first time in Odessa. We liked a lot a bus excursion “Museums and palaces of Odessa”, but it wasn’t enough. Right now, we want to go to the city by foot. We asked local people and our tour guides about best places to visit. We like a lot, that the port is in the very center of the city, and we won’t waste a lot time on getting to the city to go sightseeing and to go shopping. Also, we like that the port doesn’t have this all industrial stuff, if you know what I mean. It’s great that you maintain the style of the city. We paid attention to the fact, that Odessa is very green and clean. It’s great. People are very friendly, if we asked them about our way, about places, they helped us willingly. We hope we will visit it once again.

A family from Canada.

We enjoyed a lot our pedestrian excursion, and didn’t regret not taking a bus one. The weather is splendid. All people here are so bright and smiling. We heard about news ion Ukraine, and we were a little bit afraid, but we were told that everything is calm here, so we made sure with our own eyes. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a possibility to get in the building of the Opera House, we saw 5 similar ones, but it goes without saying- this one is the best one. The city smells of freshness and cleanness. During our walk, we didn’t have any problems like with exchange, ATMs, people helped us if we didn’t know the route. We can say for sure, we are very glad we visited city.



Cruise Port Hamburg To Welcome Norwegian Escape Print E-mail
Tourism news
Thursday, 11 September 2014 08:09

Norwegian Cruise Line is sending its newest ship the Norwegian Escape to Hamburg, the port has announced.  SheNorwegian-Escape will be calling on Oct. 23, 2015, and will be the largest cruise ship to date to call.

According to Cruise Port Hamburg, the new vessel will be making its public debut in the city – first during a two-night cruise for the travel industry and, following that, a two-night cruise for consumers from Hamburg to Southampton.

The 4,200-passenger Escape is under construction at Meyer Werft.

“The European market has played an important role for Norwegian Cruise Line for years now, with Germany in particular one of our key source markets. Our choice of Hamburg as the venue for the Continental European premiere celebrations for a new vessel clearly illustrates our commitment to the German market, demonstrating the potential we see here for Norwegian in the coming years,” said Juergen Stille, director business development continental Europe at Norwegian

Одесский порт и город отпраздновали юбилейную дату – 220 лет Print E-mail
Tourism news
Monday, 08 September 2014 13:23
There are no translations available.

К 220-летию Одессы был проведен ряд мероприятий:

В саду Литературного музея открылся «Одесский двор», на Приморском бульваре под открытым небом состоялось открытие двух выставок, на Потемкинской лестнице прошел концерт, под открытым небом Одессы звучали знаменитые мелодии из оперетты «Белая акация», были восстановлены террасы Лунного парка, под открытым небом звучала классическая музыка и многое многое другое.

Предлагаем Вашему вниманию фото отчет ниже:



Royal Caribbean Orders Fourth Oasis-Class Ship Print E-mail
Tourism news
Monday, 01 September 2014 08:49

allure-of-the-seas-construction-4_1Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. announced  that it has agreed with STX France to move forward on the order of a fourth Oasis-class ship for delivery in 2018. Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Richard D. Fain and President and Chief Operating Officer Adam Goldstein, along with STX France Chief Executive Officer Laurent Castaing, announced the planned ship order at the keel-laying ceremony for the third Oasis-class ship at the STX shipyard in Saint-Nazaire, France.

“The Oasis Class was a revolution in maritime design when it was launched in 2009. Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas continue to be in a class by themselves both in terms of guest satisfaction and financial returns. Today’s announcement is a reflection of their success,” said Richard D. Fain, chairman and chief executive officer, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. “We are thrilled to announce the order of a fourth Oasis-class ship during the keel-laying milestone of the third. This announcement is also a testament to the men and women of STX France who have worked so hard and so cooperatively on Oasis III.”

Known for pushing the boundaries and as part of the cruise line’s continuous improvement mantra, Oasis III will be approximately 20 percent more energy efficient than Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas,  which already are the most energy efficient cruise ships in the world. The fourth Oasis-class ship will further build on that efficiency.

“We are very excited that Royal Caribbean has agreed to move forward with a fourth Oasis-class ship demonstrating their confidence in STX France to construct the most superior cruise ships in the world,” said Laurent Castaing, Chief Executive Officer, STX France. “We look forward to advancing the efficiencies of our ship building process to produce the most innovative ships that vacationers have come to expect from Royal Caribbean.”


Tourism news
Friday, 22 August 2014 13:47

Michael Pawlus may have been in the business for over 25 years but when he talks about destinations, it is asexpanding_brand though he just started travelling yesterday. His enthusiasm for the subject is infectious and his knowledge far-ranging. He himself has visited over 450 ports over the years but continues to add to the list. In June, he will be visiting Newfoundland and St Pierre & Miquelon for the first time when attending the Cruise Canada New England symposium. One of his current favourites is Nikumaroro Island, a new destination for the line, where aviator Amelia Earhart’s final flight is now thought to have crashed.

With Silver Discoverer joining the fleet in April, Silversea Cruises now has three expedition ships and is adding 100 new destinations to its portfolio. Conrad Combrink, director of expedition planning and strategic development, has been taken on for his expertise in this sector. Pawlus says ports have come a long way since he started in the business. “Twenty to 25 years ago they just didn’t get the concept of what people were going to do. Now a lot of ports around the world are more up to par.” More ports are knocking on the door and those seeing neighbours attracting ships are also stepping up – for example, there are now more ports available in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia. When planning itineraries, Silversea considers the region first and then looks for turnaround ports, he says.

 “What we are discovering with expedition vessels is that we can do turnarounds in (for example) Broome or Darwin where there is an airport.” In addition, with the expedition vessels it is quite common to call at two to three ports a day. For instance, on the two-week cycle on Silver Galapagos in the Galapagos islands, there are 26 landing sites. “Every day is another adventure for the passenger. When people go on our ships they do research on the internet first so they have an idea of where they are going. We always exceed their expectations.” Since the first ship, Silver Explorer (then Prince Albert II), came on stream, Pawlus says: “We have been amazed at how much demand we have had. When you look at expedition, the numbers are still very small. There is a distinct market. We have taken on a third ship and our owner would like to expand that brand.” When it comes to challenges, the political world is at the top of the list. While the Black Sea has been up and coming, the situation in Ukraine has put a negative on that map with Batumi, Georgia, replacing Sevastopol and Yalta on this year’s itineraries.

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