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City data

Date of establishment: Second half of VI century BC
Time zone: GMT +2 (summer period  GMT +3)
Total area: 35.1 km?
Population: 75,400 inhabitants
Restaurants and cafes: Accessible in any part of the city
Cuisine: European
Shopping: Boutiques and shopping centers in the city center
Normal opening hours: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Popular souvenirs: Paintings, marine souvenirs
Credit cards: Visa, Master Card

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Port data

Official port name: State Enterprise “Theodosia Sea Commercial Port”
Location: 45°02’ N, 35°22’ E
Address: 14 Gorky Str. AR Crimea 98100 Ukraine
Telephone: 380 6562 3 09 60, 3 30 83
Fax: +380 6562 3 12 67

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Cruise ship-calling schedule


City map

Theodosia, Ukraine