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City data

Date of establishment: 1783
Time zone: GMT +2 (in summer  GMT +3)
Total area: 110 km?
Population: 380 725 inhabitants
Restaurants and cafes: There are a lot of it in the center of the city
Cuisine: Russian, Ukrainian, Japanese, Italian
Shopping: There are a lot of it in the center of the city
Normal opening hours: From 10.00 am to 7.00 pm
Popular souvenirs: Products from a juniper, souvenirs on sea subjects

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Port data

Official port name: State enterprise “Sevastopol Sea Commercial Port”
Location: 44°36’ N, 33°32’ E
Address: 5 Nahimov Square, Sevastopol, 99011, Ukraine
Telephone: +380 (692) 54-29-79
Fax: +380 (692) 54-40-59
ISPS 24h contact: 545812 – the dispatcher of port
544082 – the person on duty (passenger terminal) 542079 – the person on duty (port control service)  540202 - service of sea safety

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City map

Sevastopol, Ukraine