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The m/v "Star Pride" entered Odessa sea port Print E-mail
Wednesday, 18 June 2014 14:08

star_prideThe m/v “Star Pride” (134m, flag of Bahamas) entered Odessa sea port and carried 202 passengers, with a full capacity of 208.The vessel was met by the wind-band and the staff of Odessa sea port Authority.  The vessel came from Samsun, Turkey. In the evening it will leave to Constanta and Nessebar. 

Here are some impressionists of the passengers of the m/v  “ Star Pride”:

The Cottons - England, Bolton, New Manchester

We are for the first time in Ukraine and in Odessa. We were impressed by the Potyomkins stairs,  which were seen right from the board of the vessel.

The architecture differs from the other cities in Europe, it is even more beautiful.  But there is one thing which we disliked- people standing with animals, with eagles and monkeys at the top of the stairs. But on the whole, the atmosphere is great. Unfortunately the weather was rainy, so we do hope to return when the weather is sunny.

Annad and Phillan – England, London.

We are for the first time in Odessa, and we are impressed. The city is very clean, tidy and bright colors fulfill the city. We spend great time, walking by Deribasovskaya street and drinking coffee and eating hand-made chocolate. We will advise our friends to visit this amazing city, and also that tourist flow will grow as the city worth it.

Mrs. Hickman. United Kingdom.

It is my first time in Odessa and I can say from the bottom of my heart that I loved it. The architectural sights, cathedrals, Opera house and the city center have impressed me a lot. I will surely recommend my friends to visit this beautiful city on the coast of Black sea. The only problem that has arisen is that unfortunately only few people could understand English, while walking Deribasovskaya street.

Mr. & Mrs. Pierris. United States

My husband and I were very impressed by the city; even though it was cloudy and raining. Its architecture, historical city center will stay in our memories for a long time. We can’t say that we didn’t find any disadvantages while staying in Odessa, and for sure, we will recommend our friends to visit Odessa.


Friday, 06 June 2014 09:14

On May, 5 2014 at 17:40 pm, m/y Variety Voyager (Maltese flag) moored at the passenger terminal ofvariety_voyager Odessa Seaport. The vessel arrived from Sinop (Turkey) with 62 passengers onboard, who are mainly the citizens of the USA. The administration of the passenger terminal welcomed the tourists with music from operetta “Belaya Akacija”, and other famous songs related to Odessa city.

The vessel will stay in Odessa for two days. On June, 6 a coach tour is planned for the tourists,  where they will be able to get acquainted with the city sights. We hope that our “south sun” and hospitality will create a very pleasant impression while staying in Odessa. In the evening on June, 6 the vessel will proceed on a voyage to Varna (Bulgaria).

Note: The Greek m/y  VARIETY VOYAGER was built in 2012. In 2013 cruise season  the vessel became one of the leaders in ship calling to the Black Sea region (20) and visiting ports (10)

Passenger’s impressions:

Ann Kathling, Los Angeles

I’m for the first time in Odessa, and it comes without saying that I’m impressed! I took a lot of photos and I want to show it to my friends, for them to return with me here once again - this Opera Theatre, and Cathedral! The architecture differs from other European cities and to note  I visited a lot of European countries.

Mary van Anda, San Diego, California.

We are very grateful to our guide, who described us the history of the city in such an interesting way. I was trying to watch in every direction with my two eyes, and to catch as much as it is possible as a little child.  The city is incredible! When we were standing on the top of the Potemkin Stairs and stepped back from the entire group and was watching at two buildings which are on the left and on the right from the monument to Duke de Richelieu, the panorama is breathtaking. I can only imagine the way I will describe all these to my relatives and friends.

John and Frances Dallen, Georgetown

We are for the first time in Odessa, and to say more in Ukraine. We are astonished by the city! The Opera Theatre, the Cathedral, Boulevard; but still, we can imagine how many places of interest we weren’t shown; we would like to stay here for a longer time. And the weather was like greeting us. Also, we noticed that the architecture in the city is very mixed - there you can see a Jewish one, there Greek, and wow, there is German one! We hope to return here once again.  

David Hamrick, Boston

I’m for the first time in Odessa, and I’m sure that I won’t be very creative if I say that I am impressed with the Opera Theatre. I saw another Opera Theatre in Vienna but they are incomparable! And the Stairs - it may be very hard to climb it, but luckily there is a funicular. I would like to advise to build a bridge, which would connect the terminal and the city, which would be great, as it is really hard for old people to go through subway. I will describe all my friends the city with the minutest details.

Rita Colwell, California

We arrived here together with my husband. We enjoyed walking by the Boulevard, and even sat on the bench and were watching people passing by. And a question arouse - Are you always in good mood? All the people passing by were smiling, joking! But we are upset that we had very little time. We do hope to return here again ASAP and to see more churches, more places of interest, and more people and, of course, more history, as it is also very interesting.



“Odessa Tourist Information Centre” invites to celebrate its birthday Print E-mail
Thursday, 05 June 2014 15:23

TIZOn June,5 2014 all the citizens of Odessa city are invited to the grand celebration of a birthday of Municipal enterprise “Odessa Tourist Information Centre”

For you years, it has been carrying on active business in organization of work in touristic sphere, which, in turn contributes to popularization of the city as one of the brightest and attractive touristic centres of the world.

In the framework of the celebration of birthday of Municipal enterprise “Odessa Tourist Information Centre”, a number of events will take place at Primorskiy Boulevard, near the funicular at 16:00 pm. The children’s theatre "Ermita", the participants of the show “Country Voice.Children” and of “Children wave 2014”, the dance duet ”Maxim-danse”, background music by Dj Lissa Strong, group «Well» and «Ta da», the participant of the show “Country Voice” Nastya Avdeeva and group «Holiday», and also barmen show and the presentation of the street food by the caf? “Zlachnoe” are in schedule for the celebration.

Besides, the children from “Solnishko”, “Zhemchuzhina” orphanage and “Orphanage №1 for
Children's Services Office of Odessa city council” will take part in the excursion quest in the center of the city.

The celebration will end with bright and astonishing fire-show.



Exhibition & Conference “Inter-TRANSPORT” is to take place in Odessa, 28th - 30th of May 2014. Print E-mail
Wednesday, 28 May 2014 09:23

The Exhibition & Conference is coordinated by Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine (order № 63 as ofinter_transport 29.01.14), Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, SE “Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority” and Odessa region state administration.

On the state-by-state level, this year the project is included into the Black Sea Economic Cooperation event program (BSEC).

The event will be hosted with the support and active participation of the European Union.

Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine is planning and is conducting preparations for the Forum: “Transport: investments into the future” with the participation of Ministers of Transport.

The main aspects of the Forum are:

  • Transport infrastructure
  • Ports and port economy
  • Lifting and handling equipment
  • Sea and port water engineering
  • Multimodal transportation and logistics
  • Storage inventory

More than 80 participants from 10 countries will assist in the Forum.

A hard-driving event program has been planned.

The key event “Transport net in Black sea region: communications mix between Europe, Asia and other continents” invites you to take an active hand in the Forum.

See you in Odessa.


MedCruise expands Turkish ports membership Print E-mail
Friday, 16 May 2014 09:32

trabzonTurkish Port of Trabzon is the latest port to apply in becoming a member of MedCruise. Stavros Hatzakos, president of MedCruise and secretary general Thanos Pallis visited Trabzon and met with port and city officials.

During their visit, the MedCruise team held meetings and discussed the prospects of cruise expansion in the region with the governor of Trabzon Honorable A. Celil ?z, the mayor of Trabzon O. Fevzi G?mr?k??o?lu, the president of the Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry, M. Suat Hacisaliho?lu and the general manager of Trabzon Port (Alport Port) Muzaffer Ermi?.

The Turkish Balck Sea port's application to join the 70-port member strong association coincided with a submission by the port of Istanbul (Sal?pazar? Liman ??letmecili?ive Yat?r?mlar? A.?.). Their applications will be formalized at the upcoming 44th MedCruise general Assembly taking place in Castellon, Spain between May 21-25, 2014.

MedCruise member ports attract more than 80% of cruise traffic in the Med and its adjoining seas.


Black sea cruise conference Print E-mail
Tuesday, 06 May 2014 09:43

The Russian tourism union in cooperation with “Black and Baltic Seas cruise company” and with the tour-operator “Expo tour” runs the All-Russian cruise conference dedicated to the tourism.

The meeting will take place on the board of the m/v “Adriana”, which will follow the route: Soconference_cruisechi -Novorossiysk - Sevastopol - Istanbul - Yalta - Sochi.

In the frame of the conference the seminars (workshops) and round tables will be held, which will be dedicated to legislative and law-enforcement practice, and other topical questions connected with the tourism industry. The most authoritative experts will be present there: the Russian tourism union directors, the managers of juridical, auditing, and insurance companies. The representatives of the travel agencies from Moscow, Crimea, Krasnodar Krai and many other Russian regions, the representatives of the federal and regional bodies of management in the sphere of tourism, journalists will be present there to share their experience.

Apart from business, all the days during the cruise will be fulfilled with cultural, cognitive and entertainment programs on the board of the ship and in the ports of call.


The cruise ship calls schedule to Odessa sea port has been updated Print E-mail
Monday, 05 May 2014 15:45

The preliminary cruise ship calls schedule to Odessa sea port as of May 5, 2014 has been updated.


Port of Odessa Photo Review (9) Print E-mail
Monday, 28 April 2014 15:46





The port of Odessa expects 109 ship calls in the current cruise season Print E-mail
Tuesday, 22 April 2014 16:17

odesskiy_port_109_ship_callsAs of April 16, 2014, 45 claims for cancelling ship calls were registered, 20 of which are ship calls of the m/v “Adriana”. As a result, 71 cruise ships, and 38 cargo-passenger ships (Isabella 1, Ro-Ro type) are expected in the coming cruise season in Odessa sea port.  All in all it is 109 ship calls.


The cruise company Costa Cruises (Italy) has already decided to cancel scheduled ship calls to Odessa and Yalta in 2014 (liner COSTA DELIZIOSA). Instead of this, the liner will stay for a longer time in Istanbul, and will call at Burgas, Bulgaria.


Azamara Club Cruises cancelled the ship call of the vessel Azamara Quest, which had to take a cruise round the Black sea, and changed Odessa, Yalta and Sevastopol to Bartin (Turkey), Volos and Nafplio (Greece), and also added one more day in Istanbul in June, current year. Nevertheless, 2 ship calls of this vessel to Odessa are still in schedule on August, and September.


Windstar Cruises had to change ship calls to ports of Yalta and Sevastopol to ports of Turkey, that is Bartin and Samsun, in company’s new cruise programs round Black sea on the m/v Star Pride. The ship calls to Odessa, at the moment, remain unchanged. 


Oceania Cruises, which cancelled one of three ship calls to Odessa in June and Regent Seven Seas Cruises, which cancelled one ship call (the brand is Prestige Cruise Holdings), added Batumi(Georgia), Trabzon(Turkey) and one more night in Constanta (Romania) into schedule, instead of cancelled calls to Odessa and Crimea.


MSC Cruises added ship calls to Volos (Greece) and Varna (Bulgaria) on liner MSC Sinfonia into schedule only on April and May of the current year, instead of cancelled calls to Odessa and Yalta. Two of six ship calls to Odessa on the liner Sinfonia on April and May are cancelled. 


The operator Seabourn Cruise Line cancelled 3 ship calls to Odessa. Now, the liner Seabourn Odyssey will call at Sinop, Constanta, Varna and Nessebar in its 7-day Black sea cruise.


Silversea Cruise Line cancelled ship entries to Yalta and Sevastopol, and changed them to Sinop (Turkey) and Batumi (Georgia) in April - June. The ship call to Odessa stayed unchanged.


As to river cruises, all the cruises of the company Chervona Ruta are cancelled. One more cruise operator Viking River Cruises announced about the cancel of all, except 8 ship calls. As to its CEO, Torstein Hagen, all the cruises will be cancelled, in case it is unsafe in the ports of calling. 

 The main reasons of cancels are black sea cruises’ sales slowdown and the refund of the already bought tickets. The reasons of the refunds, is the safety matter, the fear of the passengers is not to return home from the cruise, and of course the Visa matter. For instance, the USA citizens, do not need VISA to Russia. Not all the passengers know that in Russia, the cruise passengers can stay in that territory for 72 hours without VISA, but only in case passengers takes an excursion. In this case, it is economically unsound on the part of the companies to undertake the Black sea cruise, simply because of no demand and because of profitability. Mainly, the company’s ships, with a passenger capacity of more than 2,000, that operate in Black sea, suffer the most.

As the CEO of the cruise line international association CLIA says: “Top managers of the cruise companies faced a big problem, but the advantage of the cruise ships is that they are mobile, and in case of security threat of the passengers, the cruise line can cancel the ship call or the cruise at any time”.


The CEO of Celebrity Cruises, Michael Bayley, and the CEO of Tui Cruises, Richard Vogel, are ready to change the program of B;ack sea cruise, if the question of the passengers’ safety arises.


At the same time, Richard Vogel underlined, that in spite of the political situation in Ukraine, his line is interested in Black sea cruises in 2015. “It is one of the most frequently bought cruises’, he said.


Also, Royal Caribbean International is planning to launch its first Black sea cruise in summer 2015 on Rhapsody of the Seas (1,998 passengers). The ship of the class Vision will take 3 round cruises from Istanbul, starting from June into the ports of Sochi, Burgas, Odessa, Yalta and Sevastopol, with spending night at Sochi, Odessa and Istanbul.


All in all, 77 ship calls are registered on 2015, as on the end of March of the current year. The same time, previous year, 59 ship calls were registered.  



The sea line between Sochi and Batumi has resumed Print E-mail
Monday, 14 April 2014 08:44

The sea line between Sochi and Batumi has resumed. The line is served with two hydrofoil vessels. Meanwhile, theresochi_batumi is only one route in a week in a schedule- on Fridays, as to Yugopolis.

The ship “Kometa” starts out on 10:30 AM. It is possible to leave Adzharia to Sochi only on Thursdays, as the press-service of the city of Sochi informs.

At present, a question of launching other extra sailings on Tuesdays is being discussed. All depends on passenger flow.  It takes 5/6 hours to get to place by water. One way ticket costs from 3,500 to 4,000 RUB.

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