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Tourists will be able to try the Arctic luxury in 2016 Print E-mail
Wednesday, 20 August 2014 14:39

crystal_atarcticCrystal Cruises is introducing a new expedition-style voyage traversing the Arctic Ocean via the legendary Northwest Passage (500 miles north of the Arctic Circle).

Crystal will be maneuvering through 900 miles of majestic waterways lined with spectacular glaciers, towering fjords, and vast unspoiled landscapes away from mainstream civilization and tourism, north of mainland Canada.  Beginning August 16, 2016 in Anchorage/Seward, Alaska, the award-winning Crystal Serenity will sail for 32 days from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean/New York City. 


Seabourn and UNESCO in New Alliance Print E-mail
Monday, 18 August 2014 13:40

Seabourn has signed an agreement with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizationseabourn_unesco (UNESCO) in a unique alliance to help protect World Heritage. The partnership is being created to foster wider support and understanding in the travel industry and among travelers for UNESCO’s mission of identifying, safeguarding and promoting unique cultural and natural features around the world deemed to possess universal value for all humankind.  Seabourn has committed to raising $1 million for UNESCO as part of this multi-year agreement.
For Seabourn’s guests, this alliance means that their travels on Seabourn’s intimate, all-suite ships will be enhanced by deeper insight and behind-the-scenes information about current and future World Heritage sites and projects. Speakers with special knowledge about World Heritage will sail on Seabourn’s ships as a part of the line’s Seabourn Conversations enrichment and entertainment program. In addition, fares for Seabourn optional excursions that include UNESCO World Heritage Sites will include a small donation to UNESCO’s World Heritage Fund.  The company will also create special World Heritage Discovery Tours at a number of ports worldwide, with exclusive enhanced content on World Heritage.
Seabourn shares with its guests a genuine passion for exploring the world’s most exceptional destinations. Year after year, the company provides its guests opportunities to experience one-of-a-kind treasures such as the temple complex of Borobudur on Java, the excavated ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum in Italy, and the Taj Mahal in Agra, India.  As completely different as these places are, they share a common attribute – they are all designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Since its founding, Seabourn has facilitated visits to hundreds of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and currently includes over 150 designated sites in its itineraries. Now it will also help to support UNESCO’s efforts to expand, promote and preserve these precious global resources for future generations of travelers.


Now, with Romanian, Cyprus and Croatian visa, you can visit Bulgaria Print E-mail
Tuesday, 29 July 2014 14:12

photo_big_10344Visas granted by Romania, Cyprus, and Croatia for transit and short-stays are equivalent to national Bulgarian visas.

At the meeting, the Bulgarian government came to a decision, that until country’s accession to Schengen area, transit and short-stays will be equivalent to national Bulgarian visas.

As a result of decision, now the owners of these documents have the right to enter and to stay within the territory of Bulgaria for up to 90 days within 180 days without obtaining a Bulgarian visa.
The decision should lead to the increase of number of foreign tourists and businessmen, who have a Schengen visa and a permit to reside, issued in the EU member countries.


Holiday skins the sail: The regatta “Black sea ports Cup 2014” started in Odessa. Print E-mail
Monday, 28 July 2014 11:31

On July, 27, on Ukrainian Fleet’s Day, the official opening of the 14th All-Ukrainian regatta of cruises yachts “Blackregata sea ports Cup” took place at the berth of the Odessa sea port passenger terminal.

Addressing to race participants, the vice president of Odessa regional federation yachting sport , Sergey Cherviakov, congratulated the sportsmen on the professional holiday and noted, that the annual regatta  “Black sea ports Cup” became a symbol of the best traditions of Ukrainian yachting and the main event of the yachting season.

The captains of yacht-winners (the previous year races at “Black sea ports Cup” and “Dnepr big Cup”) were honored to give a start to regatta, by means of ringing the sea bell. These captains were: Oleg Stashkevich (yacht “Maestro – all-round champion in 2013), Sergey Petrov (“Maestro”), Vladimir Kovalev(“Foros”), Albert Kabakov( “Buyan”)

According to Cup Organizing Committee, more than 30 yachts from Kiev, Odessa, Kherson, Iljichyovsk, etc will take part in the competition.  The races will take part in Gulf of Odessa harbor waters on July, 26-29. Due to tragic events at the east, the organizers decided not to plan festive opening and closing ceremony of the regatta.


The cruise liner Riviera called at Batumi Sea port for the first time Print E-mail
Monday, 28 July 2014 10:19

batumi_rivieraOn July,24, 2014, in the morning, the cruise liner Riviera called at Batumi Sea port for the first time, which became unique for this port because of its dimensions  (Length x Breadth: 240 m X 32 m, hull height 13.27 m)

There are 1 116 passengers on board of the liner who are mainly the citizens of the USA and Britain. Liner came from Constanta, Romania. The liner stayed at Batumi port till 22:00 p.m. and then left to Trabzon, Turkey. Batumi sea port Authority works closely with Adzharia tourism department, and tries to attract similar cruise liners to the region in every way.

The 10-day Black sea cruise itinerary (from July 19 till July 29) of the liner Riviera is as follows: Istanbul, Turkey – Nessebar, Bulgaria – Constanta, Romania – Batumi, Georgia – Trabzon, Turkey – Sinop, Turkey – Kusadasi(Ephesus), Turkey – Piraeus(Athens), Greece.

It is to be recalled, that on July, 25 2013 the liner cruised 11 days, and the cruise called “Black sea legends”. In the frame of the cruise, the liner called at 8 ports for the first time in 5 countries, situated on the Black sea coast: Nessebar(Bulgaria), Constanta(Romania), Odessa(Ukraine), Sevastopol(Ukraine), Yalta(Ukraine), Sochi(Russia), Trabzon(Turkey) and Sinop(Turkey).

Note: Batumi sea port is planning to accept 28 cruise ships in 2014

In 2012 Batumi sea port accepted up to 10 cruise liners, and in 2013 this number increased to 16.


The round table discussion as to development of wine tourism Print E-mail
Monday, 21 July 2014 11:36

On July, 14 2014 the round table discussion as to development of wine tourism in Blac29293-Studija-Artemija-Lebedevak Sea region, and especially Odessa took place in the Small Hall of Odessa city council. This event was held within grant project «Black Sea Network for Sustainable Tourism - Strategies for joint tourism marketing and development in the Black Sea region». The participants were the representatives from the Black Sea region, such as from Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova.

The main aims of the project are the development of common marketing strategies and the carrying of marketing research, the organization of advanced training, experience exchange programs to countries of Black Sea region, seminars dedicated to the tourism development, the creation of the effective on-line Black sea region platform for common promotion of tourist products, the creation of information database of IT portal/ web-site, the development of social media for projects in the sphere of tourism, carrying of conferences and exhibitions.

Odessa city council culture and tourism department director Tatiana Markova, vice-principal of Odessa National Economic University Anatoliy Kovalev, Viorel Miron the grant project manager, Natalia Gagaus the project manager in Ukraine delivered a speech in the framework of the event. Viorel Miron presented Moldova as a center of wine culture development and enotourism in the Black Sea region. The guests also took part in the discussion.



Воскресный гастрономический фестиваль-ярмарка Print E-mail
Friday, 11 July 2014 09:27
There are no translations available.

uF81jWYlO_kКультурное мероприятие, созданное объединять внутри себя талантливых,
творческих и просто хороших людей каждое воскресенье, проводить этот день со своей семьей и друзьями, в прямом смысле слова, со вкусом.

Основной целью является презентация новых и уже всеми любимых гастрономических деятелей. Участники – это молодые кулинары, любимые рестораны и кафе, популярная уличная еда, фермеры, пивовары и виноделы. Все в одном месте на свежем воздухе, в самый долгожданный выходной день.

В суматохе будничных дней люди совсем забыли об общении друг с другом, мало кто знает или совсем забыл, что Одесса это “вкусный город”. Многонациональность одесской кухни не может оставить равнодушным даже самого искушенного гурмана, а задача организаторов мероприятия раскрыть кулинарный потенциал города, его секреты и достоинства.

Программа фестиваля включает в себя не только поедание вкусной и полезной пищи, но и проведение всевозможных конкурсов среди участников и гостей, мастер классы по приготовлению любимых блюд, конференции, музыкальные концерты, дегустации и традиционные угощения.

“Цимес маркет” -любимое место отдыха одесситов, которое проходит каждое воскресенье и является кулинарной визитной карточкой всеми любимой Одессы.


A yacht with Americans called at Odessa sea port. Print E-mail
Tuesday, 08 July 2014 16:00

For the second time, the cruise yacht Harmony G (53m, Greek flag) called at Odessa sea port in thisjuly_7 season. The vessel moored at Odessa sea port on 18:00 p.m. on July, 7. There are 44 passengers on board, who are mainly the citizens of USA. The previous port of call was Sochi, and the next one is Sulina. The vessel will stay in Odessa until evening of July, 8. On the whole, 7 ship calls of the yacht Harmony G at Odessa sea port are registered.

Passenger's impressions:

The Hansens, New York

We’re absolutely thrilled by the city, it is magnificent. We had a long excursion and we saw a lot. Also, we are glad that we had a possibility to have a walk. In spite of the heat, we enjoyed a walk a lot. We are excited by the architecture, especially by the Cathedral and the Opera House. We heard a lot of sad news about Odessa, even before our departure. But luckily, we made sure, with our own eyes, that it was a lie. It is very calm and homely in Odessa.

The Lingas, Los-Angeles

We are for the first time in Odessa, but we hope that not for the last time. We want to return here once again. The city is very bright, hospitable and of course, we cannot mention the architecture. The city joined in itself a lot of cultures and nations. We visited a lot of places, and there was no such a place, which didn’t impress us. And, by the way, our friends, who were in Odessa not so long ago, advised us to visit Odessa.

Susan Nash, Boston

I visited a lot of places, and it is very hard to impress me, if to talk about the architecture, but still, only positive impressions remained. If to talk on the whole, I mentioned that the city is very clean and green. But a lot of buildings need a repair. What I liked a lot, is that the port is in the very center of the city, and you don’t need to waste 2 hours to see the sights of the city. I didn’t memorize names of the streets, except: the Opera House, the Cathedral, Boulevard and Potyomkin stairs.


The cruise liner moored at Odessa sea port, which plied a commemorative voyage Print E-mail
Thursday, 26 June 2014 10:24

On June, 25 2014 the m/v Balmoral (217m, Bahamas flag) called at Odessa sea port. The vesselDSC_0005-0_1 carried 1143 passengers, who are mainly the citizens of the UK. The vessel came from Varna, Bulgaria. On 18:00 p.m. the vessel will leave to Constanta (Romania)

The last time the m/v Balmoral called at Odessa Sea port in 2000. Then, the name of the vessel was “Crown Odyssey”. The vessel’s new name became famous in April 2012, when it repeated in facsimile the cruise of the famous “Titanic”. The cruise coincided with 100th anniversary since the ship was wrecked.  

Passenger's impressions:

Balmaral4The Glades – London

We are for the second time in Odessa, and we are sure that we will return here more than once. We went out for a walk at 10:00 a.m. and didn’t notice, how time flashed by. We walked by the centre of the city for such a long time, that we got very hungry. We planned to return to the vessel to have a dinner there, but then we saw a restaurant in the City garden, which was fully covered with flowers, so we decided to have a rest there. It was a great time. It was extremely delicious, and the prices are very low. The city is absolutely wonderful: architecture, people, cafes, etc. We were very pleased that a girl, who as we understood further is working as a guide, though being very busy came up to help us. She even gave us the map, where she marked out the best places to visit. Everything in the port is organized greatly. We were following the news, and political situation in Ukraine, and worried a lot. But, luckily, we made sure, that mass media hyperbolized everything. The city is very clean and calm. We would like to get to Odessa by plane next time, in order to stay here longer. But unfortunately, we got to know that there is no direct flight. We look forward to visit Odessa as soon as possible.

Marylyn Choplin and Pamela Winston – UK, Wales

We liked a city a lot, though we didn’t have enough time for a walk. We were sitting at the Primorskiy Boulevard for more than an hour, drinking coffee, as it was very hot. People are very pleasant, so to say Welcome is 1st class. Unfortunately, we didn’t memorize places we have visited, and we had reason for it: the names of the streets are written only in Ukrainian.  But it didn’t spoil our time spending in Odessa. Also, we managed to have a rest in caf? and treat ourselves to desserts. We enjoyed the city, its architecture and atmosphere. Most of all we were astonished by the Opera House. We will surely recommend our friends to visit Odessa.

Patricia Thompson – Britain

The city is very beautiful, thought I watched through the taxi window. By the way, I was impressed that my taxi driver knew English that well as the history. He was some kind of my personal guide. I noticed that the city is very clean. I really liked the architecture, churches and cathedrals. Really impressive. I had no difficulties at all. The only small minus is that there are few shops at the passenger terminal. I enjoyed the city, and will try to describe my friends everything I have seen in words, as unfortunately I didn’t have camera with me.

The Rogers – London

We liked the city in all respects. It is very clean, green and people are very pleasant and always ready to help. A lotBalmaral5 of people helped us to get to a place and tried to narrate us something interesting. Also we didn’t have problems with a currency exchange, as we had in Bulgaria. We travel a lot, and we rarely take excursions, as it is more pleasant to get acquainted with people, with their customs and also not to depend on someone. We liked a lot of places, especially the Opera House and the square not far from it. Also we walked by the main street, Deribasovskaya. There we visited some kind of fair and bought a lot of souvenirs and took a lot of photos. If to talk about disadvantages: we disliked people standing with animals at the top of the Potyomkins stairs and also there are no markers pointing to the existence of the funicular. But on the whole, we are pleasantly impressed.

Mr. & Mrs. Chidgey - UK

We are for the first time in Odessa, and we loved it. The city is very quiet, clean; people are very friendly and eager to help even though their English was far from understandable. City center, boulevard, central park and architecture are great. The main advantage is that the passenger terminal is close to the city. We can’t say that there were some disadvantages but it would be great if there was a shuttle bus, transferring passengers from the port to the city. We will definitely recommend our friends to visit and we will visit your lovely city for sure as well.

Balmoral3Mr. & Mrs. Byford, UK

It’s our third visit to Odessa. And each time it impresses us. We didn’t take this time any excursions and wanted to walk around the city. And again, we loved it. Clean streets, friendly people, old houses, even those that are to be demolished, cathedrals, opera house, and monuments – everything was great. Nice food, and great atmosphere overall. We will surely recommend this city to our friends.

Mr. Durby,  UK

I like to take photos of places that I visit and I like to walk around the city on my own. To tell you the truth, I’ve found thousands of places to make photos. Architectural maters didn’t impress me a lot. But the streets, people and inner yards are great. I can’t say that I will return back to this city, because I’ve already seen what I wanted, but I will certainly recommend it to my friends.


Cruise ships in Odessa sea port Print E-mail
Wednesday, 25 June 2014 17:14

On June 24, 2014 two cruise ships moored at Odessa sea port with one-hour difference.

M/Y Harmony G
(53 m, Greek flag) came from port of Sochi, with 38 people on board, who are mainly the citizensStar_Pride of the USA. The vessel will stay in Odessa for one day. On 10 p.m. the vessel will leave to Sulina, Romania. The vessel didn’t call at planned port of Yalta. All in all, 7 ship calls to Odessa sea port of the M/Y Harmony G is registered in cruise schedule 2014.

M/V Star Pride
(134 m, Bahamas flag) called at Odessa sea port a week ago. As previously, the vessel carried 191 passengers, with a full capacity of 208. Before calling at Odessa sea port, the vessel stayed in Samsun, Turkey. The vessel is planning to leave to Constanta, Romania on 5 p.m.


Passenger’s impressions:

John Wisley – Dallas

I am for the first time in Odessa. During the excursion, I noticed the architectural similarity with Vienna. I don’t even know what to offer to make the city even more beautiful. Most of all I was astonished by pieces of architecture: in spite the buildings are old, they are in good condition. It is very pleasant that city council keep watch over the safety of the historical part of the city. Of course, The Opera House is breathtaking. If to compare it with other European ones, I can say that it is most elegant one. I will recommend my friends to visit Odessa, and even more, I will go with them as I didn’t have enough time to get acquainted with the city.

James Novak –Germany, Hamburg

The route of the excursion seized a lot of places –Primorskiy Boulevard, Dumskaya square, Literary museum, Sobornaya square, and so on and so forth. But I was impressed most of all by Ekaterinenskaya square, Potyomkins stairs and of couse by the Opera House. There is no such place I didn’t like, to tell you the truth. The city is very bright and colorful. I can mark out the location of the port as the main advantage, as it is situated in the very center of the city, because in other ports you have to take a taxi, or a bus to get to the city. I am planning to return here, to taste famous Odessa cuisine and to see these all-known Odessa precincts.

The Hamlings – London

We are for the first time in Ukraine and in Odessa. We were inside the Opera House, and it is too beautiful for words.Harmony_G The architecture of the city as if comprises in itself several cities and even countries. The city is very international. We won’t lie, we were afraid to visit Odessa, and a lot of our friends advised us to change a cruise, because of political situation and what they have seen while watching news. But we are glad that we didn’t change our mind and visited this great city, and saw that everything is OK. The one thing we disliked is people standing with animals at the top of the Potyomkins stairs, as in our country it is treated as animal abuse. Our daughter wants to visit Odessa city, so we hope to return here with her, and to examine the city from A to Z.

Carole Beasly – Texas

It is absolutely not that I have imagined: the city is more beautiful I thought it would be. We visited a lot of places, but unfortunately I couldn’t memorize all the names, and it is a pity that we didn’t walk a lot. I can only imagine how many beautiful places we weren’t shown. But according to what I have seen I made a conclusion the Odessa is a small Vienna. Also I like the location of the port, as it is in center of the city. The specific feature of the port, if to compare with other ones, is that buses can get right to the ship. It is very convenient. I liked this fresh and bright city, I would return here with great pleasure. 

Mark – London

Being a photographer I made my personal point of view, it extremely bright, green and everything is blooming. I do hope that mu photos will be able to transfuse it. I tried to take a photo of every building I bumped into, and especially every detail of the Opera House. The city reminded me a little France, Provence to say more exactly. Also I so to say scanned to Pushkin’s monument, as I am fond of this great poet. I visited a lot of counties, but Odessa, say the least of it, will stand in my memory for a long time. I hope to visit the city with my friends once again.

Julie Turner – London.

I liked Odessa city a lot, it very calm and quiet. It reminded me France, and maybe it would sound strange a little bit Vancouver. The city is full of trees and flowers. I liked the architecture a lot. I am very glad that we were inside the Opera House. I remarked that the city is very clean, and that a definite style is held in the city. It is great that you are renovating old buildings, instead of constructing new ones. Also I liked street artists. It is a pity that we walked a little, as a talked to my friends from the ship, who didn’t take an excursion and walked by themselves, and they showed me photos of places we hadn’t seen while excursion. That’s why I even found a hotel, in which I’m planning to stay while my next visit to Odessa.

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