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Thursday, 05 March 2015 11:14

Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) Unveils Seven Cruise Industry Outlooks for 2015regulation


Washington, DC — February 9, 2015 


Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) released its annual State of the Cruise Industry Report and is once again projecting strong growth for the cruise industry in 2015.

A record 23 million passengers are expected to sail this year, with 61 percent of North American CLIA-certified travel agents reporting an increase in 2015 travel bookings over this time last year. Cruise lines are enticing travelers with nearly 1,000 ports of call in new, exotic locations, especially in the fast-growing Asian market. CLIA also revealed that member cruise lines are scheduled to debut 22 new ocean, river and specialty ships in 2015 for a total investment of more than $4 billion.

The cruise industry this year will have major economic impact globally. In 2013, the global economic output of the cruise industry was more than $117 billion; the industry supported nearly 900,000 jobs and contributed to $38 billion in wages.

“From new ports around the globe to the investment by CLIA’s member cruise lines in new, innovative ships, it’s an exciting time for the cruise industry and cruise passengers,” said Adam M. Goldstein, CLIA Chairman and President/COO of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. “This year will prove to be another step forward for the entire industry as our members continue to strive to make cruising the best overall vacation experience.”

Using several research studies, CLIA identified seven 2015 cruise industry outlooks:

Travelers Will Continue to Set Sail – Cruise travelers intend to continue to set sail and are highly satisfied with prior cruise experiences. In fact, 62 percent are return cruisers and 69 percent ranked cruising as a better value than a land-based vacation. Overall, CLIA member ocean passenger volume is projected to increase to 23 million in 2015, a four-percent increase over 2014 estimates of 22.1 million.

Size Doesn’t Matter – Five years ago, the largest cruise ship in the world was introduced with a 6,300-passenger capacity. With 22 new ocean, river and specialty cruise ships scheduled for debut this year, the focus is less on size and more on unique design and amenities.

Specialty Cruises Continue to Thrive – CLIA’s specialty segments, which includes sophisticated ships, luxury yachts, elegant ocean liners and the newest river cruises, continue to experience double digit passenger growth. In fact, specialty cruises grew by 21 percent annually from 2009 to 2014 estimates.

Caribbean Continues to Be Queen – The Caribbean remains queen for the cruise industry with more than a third of the global deployment capacity market share in 2015. At the same time, cruise travelers are expanding horizons. The Mediterranean continues to grow as a destination, as well as other regions including Asia and Australia. In 2015, 52 ships will provide 1,065 Asian cruises with capacity for 2.17 million passengers.

Oh, the New Places We Will Go – The cruise industry is seeing an increase in passengers looking for global experiences. As a result, cruising has made the world more accessible than ever. CLIA’s member cruise lines offer nearly 1,000 ports around the globe, including many areas that fall within a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Travel Agents Are Key to Cruise Travel – While the Internet and mobile devices have overtaken how consumers make purchases, travel agents continue to be the most popular and best way to book a cruise. In fact, seven out of ten cruise travelers (70 percent) use a travel agent to plan and book cruise vacations.

Passengers Are at the Helm – When it comes to travel, consumers are in control more than ever before. The cruise industry is excited, motivated and responding with key innovations that are meeting the needs of today’s passengers, such as bow-to-stern Wi-Fi and phone connectivity, multigenerational appeal, themed cruises and “foodcations”.

About the Research

The Travel Agent Pulse Survey was conducted among 482 North American CLIA-certified travel agents via an online survey between November 7-23, 2014. The 2014 North American Cruise Market Profile Survey was conducted in partnership with market research firm TNS and cruise industry consultancy Bob Sharak & Associates. Drawn from a panel of more than 1 million households, an online survey was conducted between August 12-26, 2014, which collected cruise and travel opinion data among 1,600 U.S. and Canadian residents. This report presents data on travelers who are 25 or older with an annual household income of more than $40,000. 



Odessa sea port resumes the program of cooperation with the largest port in France Print E-mail
Tuesday, 03 March 2015 10:11

ukr_franOn February 26, representatives of the French Republic visited Odessa Sea Port Authority. The purpose of the visit was the exchange of experiences of the port sector reform. The French delegation was headed by the Director of international cooperation of Ministry of the environment, transport and sustainable development of France Mr. Herve Boisguillaume. Guests were met by the Mikhail Sokolov, General Manager of Odessa Sea Port Authority.

In the course of negotiations, the questions of intermodal transport routes that pass through the port of Odessa, the implementation on the premises of major infrastructure projects, the relationship between the port authorities with municipal authorities. Considerable attention was paid to the problem of harmonization of the Ukrainian port legislation with main EU and the UN requirements.

The meeting culminated in the signing ceremony of the cooperation Agreement between the port of Odessa and the port of Marseille. From the Ukrainian side the signature under the document was signed by Mikhail Sokolov, on the French side by the Director of development of the port of Marseille, Mr. Georges Oberle. 

The agreement includes three main areas of collaboration:

 - information exchange (questions of attracting cargo traffic and investment, development of industrial infrastructure, environment);
- organization of experience exchange, training and personnel period of probation;
- cooperation in the development of cruise tourism.

It should be noted that the cooperation agreement of the leading ports of Ukraine and France is being signed for a second time. The first signing of the document for a period of 3 years was held in Odessa on May 26, 2010.

Note. Formed in the early 1990s, the efficient market model of public-private partnership in Odessa port was developed according to principles of the work organization of the French port of Marseille. This was preceded by several official missions by the specialists of OCSP for learning the experience of French colleagues. Subsequently, the specialists of the port of Odessa (operators, economists, lawyers) have undertaken an internship in Marseille.


 Marseille is the largest port in France with 2500 years of history. The cargo turnover is 90 million tons per year.


MSC Cruises named official cruise line for Expo Milano 2015 Print E-mail
Tuesday, 24 February 2015 11:39

MSC Cruises has been tapped as the official Cruise Carrier of Expo Milano 2015, the Universal Exhibition that willmscexpomilano.01684110811.original bring the world to Milan in the aim of kick-starting a global discussion on how to feed the planet.

As the official cruise partner, guests aboard MSC Cruises will be able to buy tickets to the exhibition on board and visit the event on special shore excursions when stopping at ports of call such as Genoa and La Spezia.

MSC Cruises pitches itself as the market leader in the Mediterranean, South Africa and Brazil, and will display the Expo Milano logo on the hull of the MSC Fantasia.

The event's global airline partners are Alitalia and Etihad Airways.

Between May 1 and October 31, more than 20 million visitors are expected to descend on Milan, where the Universal Exhibition -- an event that dates back to 1851 -- will explore the theme of ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.’

Exhibitors from 140 countries will showcase their ideas on how to feed the planet sustainably and responsibly; how to address the imbalance between the world’s hungry and the world’s obese; and the criminal amounts of food waste produced by the wealthiest countries.

According to stats from 2010-2012, approximately 870 million people were undernourished, while 2.8 million deaths can be attributed to poor nutrition and obesity.


CLIA predicts 2015 Print E-mail
Monday, 16 February 2015 09:45

clia-2015-infograph_462A record 23 million people are expected to take a cruise in 2015, a 4% increase over the estimated 22.1m in 2014, according to Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA).

CLIA’s State of the Cruise Industry Report indicated that around 62% of these cruisers will be return passengers, with 69% of the survey respondents ranking cruising as better value than a land-based holiday.

At the start of 2015, 61% of North American CLIA-certified travel agents reported an increase in travel bookings over the same period in 2014.

Industry growth is expected to be boosted by 22 new ocean, river and speciality ships, which will be launched by CLIA member lines in 2015 at a total cost of more than US$4 billion. The industry will also have a major economic impact across the globe.

“From new ports around the globe to the investment by CLIA’s member cruise lines in new, innovative ships, it’s an exciting time for the cruise industry and cruise passengers,” said Adam Goldstein, CLIA chairman, and president and COO of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. “This year will prove to be another step forward for the entire industry as our members continue to strive to make cruising the best overall vacation experience.”

This year, CLIA predicts that speciality cruises, which grew by 21% in popularity from 2009 to 2014, will continue to experience double digit passenger growth, while operators will prioritise the design and amenities onboard a ship, rather than its size and passenger capacity.

The research also predicted a rise in the number of operators providing bow-to-stern wifi and phone connectivity, themed cruises, ‘foodcations’ and developing new services and facilities to boost multi-generational appeal.

Although the Caribbean is anticipated to account for more than 33% of the global deployment capacity market share in 2015, CLIA’s member cruise lines will call at nearly 1,000 ports around the globe. The Mediterranean and Australia will continue to grow as destinations, while 52 ships with a total capacity for 2.17 million passengers will provide 1,065 cruises in Asia this year.

CLIA’s report also revealed that despite the growth in mobile and internet booking service, around 70% of passenger will continue to plan and book cruises through travel agents.



The updated schedule of cruise ship calls at Odessa sea port Print E-mail
Tuesday, 10 February 2015 10:06

To get to know the preliminary schedule of cruise ship calls at Odessa sea port for 2015, open the tab «Destinations» or follow the link


STX France kicks off Oasis 4 construction Print E-mail
Monday, 09 February 2015 17:15

Steel-cutting began Tuesday at STX France's Saint-Nazaire yard for a fourth Royal Caribbean International Oasis-oasis_4class ship, scheduled for delivery in 2018.

Leading the occasion were STX France ceo Laurent Castaing and Harri Kulovaara, evp maritime, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. They were accompanied by STX France's Jean-Yves Jaouen, svp operations, and Jean-Yves Pean, senior project manager, and Royal Caribbean International's Pettri Keso, project manager.

The third Oasis-class ship is also being built at STX France, to be delivered in mid-2016.

Details of the two vessels will be revealed in the coming months, Royal Caribbean said.

It is already known that the ships will be slightly larger, at 227,700gt, than 2009's Oasis of the Seas and 2010's Allure of the Seas. Those measured 225,282gt each.



Украина и Грузия договорились восстановить движение пассажирских судов между странами Print E-mail
Thursday, 05 February 2015 15:35
There are no translations available.

ukraineМинистр инфраструктуры Украины Андрей Пивоварский и посол Грузии в Украине Михеил Уклеба провели 3 февраля в Киеве рабочую встречу, в ходе которой договорились развивать новые направления сотрудничества в секторе пассажирских перевозок.

Как отмечается в сообщении пресс-службы министерства, стороны подчеркнули, что пока никаких проблем с транспортным сообщением между странами нет - двусторонние авто- и авиаперевозки максимально либерализованы и вполне удовлетворяют текущие потребности, кроме того, развивается железнодорожно-паромное сообщение.

При этом посол сообщил, что в 2014 году Грузию посетило на 17 тыс. больше украинских туристов, чем годом ранее, а значит - есть потенциал для запуска новых совместных проектов по развитию пассажирского сообщения между странами. Так, Грузия заинтересована в возобновлении движения пассажирских судов между портами двух стран, причем после введения безвизового режима с ЕС круизные линии могут быть продолжены в порты Турции и Болгарии.

Стороны договорились проработать вопросы сотрудничества в развитии пассажирских перевозок в рамках рабочей группы по транспорту, заседание которой Мининфраструктуры предложило провести в первом квартале этого года. Новые проекты будут обсуждаться украинско-грузинской экономической комиссией, заседание которой ориентировочно состоится в июне текущего года.


Carnival Corp and China Merchants Group Sign MOU for Domestic Cruise Line and More Print E-mail
Monday, 02 February 2015 11:14

Carnival Corporation today signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with China Merchants Group (CMG) to1280px-Carnival.svg explore the possibility of two joint ventures designed to accelerate the development and growth of the overall cruise industry in China.

The MOU outlines a potential strategic partnership between Carnival Corporation and CMG that includes exploring two possible joint ventures in support of China’s ambitions to grow the cruising industry in China and meet escalating demand for cruises amongst Chinese travelers.

Port & Destination Development Joint Venture: In this potential joint venture, CMG and Carnival Corporation would collaborate to develop turnaround and transit ports within and around China beginning with a flagship port currently being developed by CMG called Prince Bay Cruise Terminal in Shekou, which is located in Shenzhen. The partners would work to have cruise ships sail from this flagship port, while also developing other cruise ship destinations across China and Northern Asia.

“The MOU we signed today signifies a great opportunity to take the next step in the future of Chinese cruising, while addressing some key needs for both the cruise industry and its passengers in China,” said Alan Buckelew, COO of Carnival Corporation. “With CMG’s amazing track record, reach and influence in the market, we are working with a strategic partner that can help us explore immediate ways to impact cruise growth in China, including the possibility of a new Chinese cruise brand and new destinations.”

Carnival Corporation and CMG formalized their strategic partnership during an event held today at the Hilton Shenzhen Shekou, including an MOU signing ceremony involving Yang Tian Ping, general manager of China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone, and Alan Buckelew, chief operations officer of Carnival Corporation. The ceremony was also attended by the vice president of China Merchants Group, Sun Cheng Ming, among other distinguished officials and guests.

While pursuing potential joint ventures to develop and grow the overall cruise market in China, Carnival Corporation remains committed to serving its Chinese guests who are already sailing on the two Carnival brands that give the company the cruise industry’s leading presence in China – Costa Cruises and Princess Cruises.



Fincantieri lays keel for the Seven Seas Explorer Print E-mail
Wednesday, 28 January 2015 09:36

detail-keel-layingThe first building block for Seven Seas Explorer was placed on 21 January 2015 during a special keel laying ceremony at the Fincantieri shipyard in Genoa, Italy. The keel laying signals a significant milestone in the construction for what will be the most luxurious ship ever built, and brings the vessel one step closer to its July 2016 maiden voyage.

In a ceremony befitting of the world’s most luxurious ship, a sleek black Rolls Royce Phantom transported the three symbolic coins to the keel laying event. Upon arrival, a dapper butler emerged with a red velvet pillow carrying the coins to be welded into the keel, including a rare 1921 U.S. silver coin known as the Peace Dollar symbolizing the safe passage of Seven Seas Explorer; a 1959 silver Italian Lire representing the year the Fincantieri shipyard was established; and a commemorative coin specially minted for this occasion.

Jason Montague, president and chief operating officer for Regent Seven Seas Cruise, Robin Lindsay, executive vice president of vessel operations and Franco Semeraro, senior vice president of hotel operations welded the coins into the ship’s keel before the building block was lowered into place in the dry dock.

“With construction beginning in earnest today, we took a major step closer to realizing our vision, to provide our guests with a vessel that will be hailed as the most luxurious ship ever built,” said Montague. “Every inch of the Seven Seas Explorer will exude elegance and grandeur, and that extends to all aspects of the ship from the lavish suites to the gourmet restaurants and stylish public spaces. We even ensured that the keel coins convey a sense of luxury.”



New Carnival, Holland America cruise ships on the way Print E-mail
Tuesday, 13 January 2015 10:46

Industry giant Carnival Corp. today announced it had reached an agreement with Italy's Fincantieri shipyard to buildHolland-Amerika_Lijn_1898 a 2,660-passenger vessel for Holland America and a 4,000-passenger vessel for Carnival.

Carnival Corp. owns both of the brands as well as Princess Cruises, Cunard and several other major cruise lines.

Carnival says the Holland America ship will be delivered during the fall of 2015 and the Carnival ship will arrive in winter 2016. The company is paying about $1.3 billion for the two vessels, with the deal subject to customary closing conditions including execution of shipbuilding contracts and financing.

The announcement comes just a week after rival Norwegian Cruise Line ordered two new ships for delivery in 2015 and 2017, and a day after Royal Caribbean said it was close to ordering a sister to Oasis of the Seas -- the world's largest cruise ship.

At 99,000 tons, the new Holland America ship will be the first of a new class of vessel for the line. It'll arrive after a five-year drought of new vessels at the brand. Holland America's last new ship, the Nieuw Amsterdam, arrived in 2010.

At 135,000 tons, The new Carnival ship also will be the first of a new class of vessel for the line. It'll arrive four years after Carnival's latest ship, the Carnival Breeze.

"Today's order continues the company's strategy of introducing two to three ships per year across the corporation's 10 brands," Carnival Corp. chairman and CEO Micky Arison said in a statement accompanying the announcement. "We have strategically timed the introduction of these new ships to allow ample time for those brands tofurther grow their passenger base and absorb the new capacity while minimizing revenue yield dilution in the remainder of their existing fleets."

With the new orders, Carnival Corp. now has nine ships on the way for its 10 brands, including two new Princess Cruises vessels scheduled to debut in 2013 and 2014.


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