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Growth of world cruise industry Print E-mail
Wednesday, 28 March 2012 20:06

Currently we can observe the growth of cruise industry on a world’s scale. Despite resent accident with liner “Costa Concordia”, the number of tourists still remains to increase. According to expert research in 2012 the gross margin of cruise industry will amount $34 billion.

15 million tourists went for cruising in 2010, of which 11.1 million are Americans. Experts expect that total number of tourists in 2012 will amount 20.3 million. This figure suggests that cruise industry is such large-scale as its liners and it continue to grow.

The time when the passengers of cruise liners were selected public only has passed. Nowadays, many people can afford such type of rest. As a result 12 new cruise liners were launched in 2010. Positive development of the branch in 2012 instantiates the fact of building of brand-new liners, among which are «Carnival Breeze», «MSC Divina», «Costa Fascinosa» and «Disney Fantasy». In 2015 8 more cruise vessels are to be launched.


Heading Together Towards Black Sea Cruising Promotion Print E-mail
Wednesday, 14 March 2012 14:12

On March 13, 2012 during the International exhibition Cruise Shipping Miami at the united booth of the Black Sea ports Cruise Black Sea aiming at the development and strengthening of the cooperation between the ports in the field of cruises development in the Black Sea region as well as promoting of the Black Sea ports on the international cruise market as a united cruise destination. Such a practical step was undertaken by the Black Sea ports of Istanbul, Burgas, Odessa, Sevastopol, Kerch, Batumi, Sinop and supported by John Tercek, Vice President, Commercial and New Business Development, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd and Levan Varshalomidze, Chairman, Government of Ajara A.R. Georgia.


The Memorandum provides for resuming the work of the Working Group of the project and the implementation of a row of events aiming at Black Sea destination promotion on the international cruise market.


Shopping festival in Istanbul Print E-mail
Thursday, 01 March 2012 02:00

From March, 18th till April, 26th, 2012 in the largest city of Turkey Istanbul shopping festival will pass.


It is expected that all central shops and the centers of entertainments will be opened all day and night. Boutiques in sign streets of Istanbul - Taksim, Nishantashi, Shishli, Bakirkej, Fatih, Baharija and Bagdat - also will participate in shopping festival.


Besides, city visitors will get possibility to buy the goods without duties and taxes, 50 percent discounts for new collections , action, competitions and prizes during festival.



World’s best streets for shopping Print E-mail
Wednesday, 29 February 2012 09:12

Shopping is not the least of the aims of today’s travelers, even for those who does intend to buy clothes or household appliances. Usually people enjoy walking down commercial streets looking for some souvenirs and presents for their relatives and friends.

French company Presence Mystery Shopping named the best streets for shopping. The leading position took Singaporean Orchard Road, where the stream of buyers does not make “traffic jam” due to wide pavements.


Ukraine and Poland are almost ready for the start of Euro 2012 Print E-mail
Wednesday, 29 February 2012 02:00

Ukraine and Poland are almost ready to start the final part of the European Football Championship in 2012. It is emphasized today, on February 27, during a teleconference, "Warsaw - Kiev. 100 days prior to Euro-2012" under which discussed the status of preparation of Ukraine and Poland to Evrochempionatu.

As noted by Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Borys Kolesnikov, Ukraine has managed to make significant progress over the past year and a half. "Both countries are almost ready for the championship. Ukraine has four new airport with three new runways, and has also produced four stadiums. We did it actually for 18 months. Nobody in Europe has no such experience. I am confident that the tournament will be held at a high level ", - said Boris Kolesnikov. He also added that as a significant impetus for the development of infrastructure preparations for the tournament began, and for Poland.


Monday, 27 February 2012 02:00

On February 20-21 in Rome, the VII joint meeting of theUkrainian-Italian Council for economic, industrial and financial cooperation on the issues of transport was held. The Ukrainian delegation headed by deputy. Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Vladimir Kornienko, with a participation of head of the Tourism, Development and External Relations Service of the State Enterprise "Odessa Commercial Sea Port" Oleg Fetisenko.

According O.Fetisenko, the result of the meeting was the signing between the Ukrainian and Italian parties of the Agreement on Merchant Shipping. Also at the meeting prospects of development of maritime transport between the ports of the two countries were discussed.


The biggest dolphinarium in Ukraine will be opened in Evpatoria Print E-mail
Monday, 30 January 2012 23:57

Building of a new dolphinarium in Evpatoria comes to the end. It becomes the greatest not only in Crimea, but also on the territory of all Ukraine. It is planed to be opened at the beginning of a high season.

Creation of new dolfinarium has been initiated by a local «Research-and-production enterprise Aquamarine». Carrying out of show of dolphins – one of organization lines of activity. Besides it the dolphinarium conducts scientific work, is engaged in rescue of dolphins in Black sea, and also contains base on lake Donuzlav where the program of dolfhintherapy operates.

Painting and decorating still proceeds, but the scale of the future dolphinarium already amazes. The huge auditorium calculates 700 seats. In the center there is a pool on two thousand cubic meter of water located. Two more tanks are intended for the maintenance of pinnipedia. Their volume is 400 and 200 cubic meter. There is also a chink on which in pool will arrive sea water drilled. In a building atmosphere of its size is especially felt. The considerable role in it is played by a roof. It is executed in the form of a dome, and the central part, over pool, in a warm season will be always open. So from a dolphinarium it is possible to admire the sky.

The main inhabitants of pool - dolphins "will move" to a new building from Donuzlava. There they contain in inter-season period and participate in programs on rehabilitation. The group of three-four sea animals will act already familiar to inhabitants and city visitors. All of them are trained and are able to carry out difficult tricks.


The Black sea pirates Museum opens in Evpatoria Print E-mail
Thursday, 26 January 2012 02:00

This summer first in Crimea Evpatorian Black sea pirates museum will start to work. The museum will tell about stories of conquest of Black sea, navigation and trade development, and also creation of sea-crafts.

The greatest collection of exhibits will highlight a piracy theme in Black sea. The museum exposition will be made by subjects of private collections – sea archeological finds, the weapon, ware, ancient coins, ornaments, fragments of the sunk ships, personal things of seamen. Visitors of a museum can get acquainted with the life of pirates on a land and in the sea, customs and laws of pirates. The premises are planned to be built in style of the ancient ship for visitors can feel life atmosphere on a vessel. So, for example, one of rooms will turn to a treasury, and another – to a cabin of the seaman.


New cruise liner Disney Fantasy float out from Germany Print E-mail
Monday, 23 January 2012 02:00

Huge cruise ship, "the floating Disneyland", Disney Fantasy was floated out from a dry dock in Germany on Friday. The liner left the dock in Papenburge and is sailing to the North Sea along the river Ems, then it will return back - painting and decorating of the ship isn't finished yet. On Saturday morning, predictably, the ship will arrive in the Netherlands. The shipyard plans to finish all works and to hand over the ship on February, 9th. The total cost of the construction, according to TV channel NDR, has made about 600 million Euro.


Carnival Breeze – the new liner of Carnival Cruise Lines Company Print E-mail
Thursday, 12 January 2012 02:00

In spring 2012 Carnival Cruise Lines will launch a new liner with the displacement of 130,000 tons and passenger capacity of 3690 persons. The name of the ship is Carnival Breeze. Currently, the ship is under its construction on the Italian shipyard of Finkanteri. It will become the third one in Dream Class besides Carnival Dream (launched in 2009) and Carnival Magic launched in May 2011). What's new will the liner

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