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The most unusual museums in Germany

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Germany can rightfully be called the world center of unusual museums, because there are a lot of them. Only their names are worth what - the Museum of Lies, the Museum of the Micehead or the Museum of Automobile Numbers.

Самые необычные музеи Германии

In general, if you are planning a trip to Germany, we advise you to include in your excursion program a visit to at least one such museum.

In this article we will try to tell you about three of the great variety of the most unusual German museums.

Museum of Sensuality (Beate Uhse Erotic Museum)

One of the most popular and visited museums of the German capital is the Museum of Erotica. It was opened in 1996 by the lady of venerable age Beata Uze. Now she is 93 years old and is known for being the first woman stuntman of Germany in the 1930s, and in 1962 she opened the first sex shop in the world.

In total, in the three-story erotic museum in Berlin on an area of ​​2000 m², there are more than 5000 different exhibits devoted to all spheres of the intimate life of people from all over the world, including many Asian illustrations and miniatures, African dance and genital masks, as well as the world's first condoms and first pornographic movies.

With the kids here, of course, it is better not to go, but adults in this museum will definitely have something to look at.

Музей эротики (Beate Uhse Erotic Museum) в Берлине

Plastinarium Museum

The Plastinarium Museum, also known as the Mummy Museum or the Museum of Dissected Corpses, is one of the most unusual and scandalous museums in Germany. It is located in the east of Germany in the town of Guben (the land of Brandenburg).

It was founded by Gunther von Hagens, a famous German anatomist who invented the technique of plastination, created to preserve the appearance of the bodies and organs of all living beings.

The creation of the museum Plastinarium was repeatedly criticized by the church, which opposes the idea of ​​exposing mummies to parading and disturbing the peace of the dead. And here it is also done with a fair amount of humor. For example, the most famous of his exposition - three mummies play poker.

The exposition of the museum displays the corpses of people and animals, anatomized by the "plastination method". Also here you can observe the embalming process.

Музей Пластинариум (Plastinarium)

The Museum of Lies (Das Lügenmuseum)

The Museum of Lies, also known as the Museum of Illusions - this unusual museum is located in the German city of Kirits. If most museums of the world are proud of the fact that their originals are exhibited in their collections, then the situation is exactly the opposite, its founders, on the contrary, not without pride assure that everything here is exceptionally fake.

The building of the ancient castle, in which the museum is located, is also a fake, in fact it was built recently. All in all, there are ten rooms in the Museum of Lies, and they are all filled with various artifacts, including Van Gogh's cut ear, Hitler's unprofitable mustache and even a mop belonging to Stalin's father.

In general, this museum is really unusual, because the opinions of visitors are ambiguous - some are delighted, while others consider its founder crazy, and the exhibits - garbage. But one thing is for sure - this place completely dissipates stereotypes about museums as boring places with dusty exhibits.

Музей лжи (Das Lügenmuseum)