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Sharks in the Maldives - how real is the danger?

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Maldives for several decades - the most popular tourist destination in the world ...

Акулы на Мальдивах – насколько реальна опасность?

Maldives is a chain of 1200 islands formed on coral remains, such islands are also called coral reefs. Usually reefs are densely populated by various water fauna, therefore sharks in the Maldives, as well as everywhere in the ocean near reefs, occur quite often.

Specialists number 26 species of sharks in the Maldives region, among them the tiger shark, the long-finned shark Langimanus, the hammerhead shark, famous for blood feats in other parts of the world ocean. But in general, sharks in the Maldives, according to experts, are not aggressive and not dangerous.

Акулы на Мальдивах

For the entire time of the existence of the resort on the islands, no injuries have been recorded as a result of a shark attack. The only such incident occurred many years ago, in "pre-tural" times - a small shark bitten a local resident, without serious consequences. So, in terms of danger, sharks here, as they say, are beyond suspicion.

Moreover, sharks in the Maldives - one of the attractions of coastal waters. Sometimes, to satisfy the curiosity of tourists, the locals specially attracted closer to the shore, throwing a bait into the sea. And organize excursions on boats with a transparent bottom.

Акулы на Мальдивских островах

But we should not conclude that there are no natural dangers in the Maldives at all. Serious injuries can be obtained by stepping into the water on the sea urchin or by touching a poisonous jellyfish. And even coconut palms, a kind of "visiting card" of the Maldives, can be dangerous for a person. Falling from a great height, huge coconuts can seriously injure.

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