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Ten things you can not do before boarding a plane

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It turns out to spoil the upcoming trip by plane or completely cancel it easily enough, so we advise you to carefully read our advice and try to follow them after arriving at the airport or when buying a ticket.

Десять вещей, которые нельзя делать перед посадкой в самолет

1. Choose the right place in the plane

Do not choose a chair located in front of the emergency exit or in the last row, especially if you have a long flight. This is due to a simple reason - the backs of these seats do not recline, so the passengers sitting in them for several hours to sit "at attention", that is - with a straight back. In addition, next to the last row is always lined up in the toilet, so we strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the layout of the seats in the airplane of the model on which you will fly. You can do this on the airline's website or on specialized sites for air passengers.

2. Do not quarrel with service personnel

Politeness is inherent in all civilized people, therefore it is at least unworthy to threaten, use abusive or insulting expressions against the airline's employees, and as a maximum - it is fraught with unpleasant consequences. You can simply land from the aircraft, and this action will be absolutely legal, since it is legally fixed in the relevant documents of the air carrier.

3. Never joke with security

Many of us, especially at a certain age, have a peculiar sense of humor. True, we must not forget that for the security service any joke about the bomb planted in the plane or the threat of a terrorist act serves only as an excuse for a thorough examination of passengers and baggage. There may also be a delay in the flight and necessarily a major trouble for the joker. We can not doubt - it will be found in the shortest time in any country in the world.

4. Keep your luggage clean

It's about luggage labels, as some travelers forget to remove them from their suitcases or bags. By the way, it is about the mandatory removal of these tags said in one of the sections of the sites of any airline. If you are proud of the number of your flights and do not remove old luggage labels in time, then you risk flying without luggage, because the sorting scanner can simply refuse to handle your cargo.

5. Never smoke in an airplane toilet

It would seem that everyone knows about the categorical ban on smoking in the cabin of the aircraft, but some smokers hope to deceive the smoke detectors. It should be noted that they are so sensitive that even a few puffs in the toilet of the plane threaten the offender with a considerable fine and even a short-term arrest. Agree that the loss of five thousand rubles or a two-week imprisonment in the cell is too high a price for dubious pleasure. By the way, electronic cigarettes will soon be banned everywhere.

6. Pay attention to the weight of your luggage

According to the rules of airlines you have the right to carry your luggage only of a certain weight, and no one gets any discounts or concessions for superiority. In case of detection of extra pounds, you have two choices: to pay a large sum or to shift things into hand luggage. Both are rather unpleasant. It is much easier to weigh the suitcases at home and exclude the excess.

7. Do not drink alcohol before flying

Many of us use alcohol to remove the stressful condition before the flight, often in rather serious amounts. Although, regardless of how much the passenger used, he has several options for the development of events:

• First of all, you can simply not get on the plane, and this is not the worst outcome;
• If the passenger nevertheless got into the cabin of the plane in a state of intoxication and started there to riot, then he can quite get a real prison term. And it can be from a few months to three and a half years. And in the future, the punishment will be increased to ten years, and this is not counting a very large fine.

8. Do not eat exotic or simply unfamiliar products before departure

Basically this advice concerns tourists returning from the countries of Asia, Africa and South America. Some travelers try to eat at last something of the national dishes that they did not have time to try during their stay in the country. Often this tasting ends with a severe stomach disorder, which is highly undesirable in flight conditions.

9. Arrive at the airport in time

Late to arrive on a connecting flight - not the best continuation of the journey. Nevertheless, this happens quite often, because even within the same airport, the terminal terminals of different flights are located at a considerable distance from each other. And the second ticket in case of delay disappears irrevocably.

10. Do not forget to check what is the visa regime in the transit country

A visa is required if in the city of transit you have to move around the city or receive baggage for its re-registration. In any case, you need to control the period during which your passport is valid. This is necessary in case of a sudden change in the visa regime in the country of transit. By the way, in Australia a visa is needed even if the passenger does not leave the airport building.

You can familiarize yourself with the requirements for the behavior of passengers on the relevant sites of companies, embassies and consulates of the countries of arrival, but we should not forget that airport employees are guided only by these timatic systems - a database containing information on documents needed for passengers crossing state borders. As a rule, it is used by airlines whose employees can determine whether a passenger can be accepted for transportation.