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How to escape from the avalanche?

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More than a third of people caught in a snow avalanche, are independently selected from under the rubble. This is statistics. We are talking, no less than a lot, about human life, therefore such chances for salvation can be regarded only as low.

Как спастись от лавины?

But they can be significantly increased if you follow scrupulously some simple rules. It is ignorance or ignoring of these rules that leads to the fact that people fall under avalanches and can not get out on their own.

Your travel group and its itinerary must be registered. Even at the registration stage, inquiries should be made as to the extent to which the chosen route is avalanche-hazardous, this should be done after each snowfall.

If you still fall under the avalanche, help can come faster if each participant in the group has an avalanche receiver. On the route, it must be constantly turned on and under the clothes of a tourist - the backpack can be torn down by an avalanche. As soon as at least one of the members of the group is hit by an avalanche - all the sensors are immediately transferred to the search mode, at which the sensor emits a loud signal. By its intensity, the direction of the search is determined. The sensor operates within a radius of 50 meters, and a person with a working sensor can be found with a snow cover thickness of six meters.

If you still have to pass an avalanche zone without sensors, experienced rescuers advise to cross such a site one by one. At the same time, the members of the group who do not participate in the transition carefully record all the movements of their comrade, and in the event of the beginning of the avalanche, they try to notice the place of its disappearance.

A long red rope or tape tied to the wrist helps with the rescue and rescue effort, with its help it is easy to get to the victim's face.

In a situation when you are overtaken by a snow avalanche, the main task is to close the respiratory tract from the snow dust, with the help of a scarf, hat, glove, hood or just a palm. Cover should be the nose and mouth. The main thing : if you fall under an avalanche, you must necessarily group, put your hands to your face, and not randomly swing them in a panic. If you are buried under a snow mass with your arms wide, you can not clear your mouth of snow and suffocate for a couple of minutes. And immediately you should try to get out from under the snow until it hardens.

Being under a snow cover, sometimes it is difficult to orient and understand where the bottom and where the top. Experienced tourists and climbers advise to spit - saliva will flow down. Immediately after stopping the avalanche, you should start your own release, you can not allow the ice to form around your body from the heat of your body. Screaming in such a situation is useless - the snow cover absorbs sounds. It is necessary to move, not to lose calmness, self-confidence, and as long as possible do not fall asleep - sleep in such a situation is disastrous.