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Sri Lanka: When is it better to go?

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In this article, we will try to figure out when it is best to go for a beach holiday in Sri Lanka .

Шри-Ланка: когда лучше ехать?

The island has a humid tropical climate, so it's warm all year round. Short-term tropical showers occur throughout the year, but the greatest amount of precipitation falls between June and September.

The average air temperature on the coast of Sri Lanka during the whole year is +29 .. + 31 ° C (daytime) and +26 .. + 27 ° C (at night), in the central part of the island +24 .. + 26 ° C (in the afternoon ) and +6 .. + 12 ° C (at night). The water temperature at the coast of the island is kept at around + 27 ... + 28 ° С throughout the year.

In Sri Lanka, only two seasons are distinguished: when the south-west monsoon blows from the Indian Ocean (from mid-May to October) and the north-east monsoon from the Bay of Bengal (from October-November to April).

The southwestern monsoon brings rains, waves and a storm in the ocean to the west and south coasts of the island, and the northeastern monsoon - to the east and north coasts.

As a result, on the western and southern coasts (here most of the hotels and resorts of the country are located) it is better to rest from November to March. This is the best season for a beach holiday, because at this time the ocean is calm, there are no waves and good weather. In other seasons there are big waves, because of what bathing can be dangerous for life.

On the east coast, which is not particularly developed by tourists (there are only a few hotels here), it is comfortable to rest only from May to September, since September to April there are strong waves in the ocean. Only in two bays of this coast at this time quiet water (the resorts of Trincomale and Pasekuda).

Summarize. When is it better to go to the island of Sri Lanka ? On the west coast - from November to March , to the east - from May to September .

All year long, there are always sunny days on all the coasts of this tropical island, and waves in the Indian Ocean during off-season provide an excellent opportunity to jump on them off the coast, of course, without going above the belt to the ocean.