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Wedding in the Dominican Republic - exotic to all tastes!

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A hundred friends and relatives who have filled the house, a toastmaster, a cortege - the attributes of a traditional wedding is still attractive to many, but more and more often newlyweds choose different alternative options for marriage. For example, a wedding and a honeymoon in some exotic corner of the Earth.

Свадьба в Доминикане – экзотика на все вкусы!

In this sense, a small island country in the Caribbean Sea of ​​Dominican Republic is an ideal solution. Palms, turquoise sea, endless beaches - and a real "wedding industry", hotels in the Dominican Republic have wedding managers in their staff, compete with each other in the best organization of the wedding ceremony and wedding celebrations. This service is streamlined and perfected.

Nevertheless, tourists traveling to the Dominican Republic in order to connect "with the ties of Hymen", you should know some nuances and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Wedding ceremonies - options

Wedding ceremony in the Dominican Republic can be of two types: official and symbolic. It is clear that the legal force is only an official ceremony, but it will not be expensive and will take quite some time. The travel agency will request a package of documents to be submitted no later than one month before the date of the marriage. And for the translation and legalization of documents in the consulate the Dominicans will take $ 1500.

In a word, this is an option for principle. And for those who have relationships already registered, but there is a desire to survive the wedding excitement again, the option of a symbolic wedding is suitable. By the way, when making a tour, be sure to specify which wedding option you need, the difference in price is significant. The cheapest symbolic wedding will cost $ 990 and can be organized almost anywhere.

Weddings on the beach

Свадьба в Доминикане – экзотика на все вкусы!

Most often, a Dominican wedding is a wedding on the beach, a kind of "flower wedding". Wedding arch, wreaths, bouquets, wine glasses and other wedding details are made with one kind of flowers. And if the wedding in the nautical style - for her decorations are used seashells, in the role of guests treat seafood, and the ceremony is held on the coast, dotted with starfish.

The standard set includes: decoration of the place of the ceremony (arch, flowers, furniture for guests), delivery from the hotel, the ceremony itself, a bouquet for the bride and a groom's boutonniere, a bottle of champagne, used during the ceremony and one for an evening dinner in the restaurant . And also the actual dinner (optional) and, of course, the photographer's services (from 10 pictures), plus - a trio of Caribbean musicians.

Weddings - everywhere

In addition to the beach, the venue for your wedding in the Dominican Republic can be an outdoor gazebo, a lobby bar, a Catholic church or a conference hall - everything depends on the hotel that provides the service of the wedding ceremony. From exotic weddings it is necessary to note the ceremony in the jungle (except entourage, it is not much different from the beach), and the wedding under the water. In the latter case, the newlyweds are immersed in the sea with scuba diving, the local judge immersed in them in sign language declares them husband and wife, and then the wedding ceremony continues on the boat.

Recently, the so-called "Caribbean weddings" have also become popular - in fact, this is a variation of the bride's ransom, but set in a pirate style.

A magnificent wedding in the romantic atmosphere of the medieval Czech Republic is the best gift for lovers and a great opportunity to save money. Do you want to calculate how much this pleasure will turn out?