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In Primorye Safari Park will not separate the tiger and goat

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As reported by the Interfax news agency, the tiger Amur and the goat Timur placed in his capacity as food will continue to be kept in one enclosure of the Primorsky safari park.

В Приморском сафари-парке не станут разлучать тигра и козла

The history of how the tiger and the goat have become friends, the Internet has flown several days ago. In short, it looks like this. In Primorsky Safari Park (Shkotovo village, Primorsky Krai), animals are kept in close proximity to natural conditions, without cells. And for the feeding of large predators, rabbits and goats are bought and bred. He received his portion of live meat and Amur tiger Amur - except for rabbits, twice a week to him in the cage brought on a live goat. The same fate awaited the black goat, who was still in the herd, then still anonymous.

However, when the goat was allowed to go to the tiger, everything went not according to the scenario. Cupid did not kill and have his "booty", but on the contrary, became friends with him. The animals began to walk together, the tiger even gave the goat its berth and clearly recognizes him as the leader. The goat was called Timur, for fearlessness, as the park's employees believe: the tiger did not kill the goat precisely because he did not get scared.

According to the director of the park Dmitry Mezentsev, the tiger Amur is an adult and confident animal, he hunted large ungulates, including goats, more than once in his life. However, Timur did not touch the tiger. And even began to show signs of aggression, when someone from the staff is approaching his friend. Previously, he did not observe aggressive behavior towards the park's employees.

В Приморском сафари-парке не станут разлучать тигра и козла. Фото 1

The management of the park closely observes the behavior of both animals. We consider the option of providing Timur with a separate berth in a neighboring aviary, but with the possibility of meeting and walking along with the Amur. The situation is complicated by the fact that for Amur a bride is prepared - a tigress named Ussuri, grown in a Moscow nursery. Ussuri has not yet reached puberty, and while Amur walks with Timur.

В Приморском сафари-парке не станут разлучать тигра и козла. Фото 2

The Amur tiger is a rare species of predators, listed in the Red Book. It lives only in the limited territory of the Khabarovsk and Primorye Territories, in the basin of the Amur and Ussuri rivers. The habitat of Amur tigers is recognized by the state nature protection zone.