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The Seven Highest Hotels in the World

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Of course, the huge height and high-rise of the hotel by themselves do not create additional comfort for the guests, rather the opposite. However, hoteliers strongly recommend tourists to settle in rooms located at an altitude of more than two hundred meters, so that they can easily enjoy beautiful views. The status considerations also mean something: it's nice to show a picture of a luxurious skyscraper on returning from the trip and say: "I've lived here!" The hotel booking system RoomGuru publishes a list of the world's tallest hotels:

Makkah Clock Royal Tower, Saudi Arabia

Makkah Clock Royal Tower, Саудовская Аравия

Hotel Makkah Clock Royal Tower, or "Royal Clock Tower" - part of the complex of high-rise buildings Abraj-al-Beit in the spiritual center of Muslims around the world Mecca, designed primarily for pilgrims. The hotel is located in one of the towers of the complex, 100 meters from the world's largest mosque Al-Haram, in the courtyard of which is the Kaaba stone, the main Muslim shrine. The height of the 95-storey building built in 2012 is 601 meters, but the hotel itself occupies 76 floors.

Rose Tower, United Arab Emirates

Rose Tower, ОАЭ

The Rose Tower Hotel, or the Rose Tower, is located in Dubai, the capital of one of the United Arab Emirates. 72 floors of this hotel rise to a height of 333-meter mark. The guests, whom the Rose Tower has been hosting since 2008, offer a magnificent view of the vast expanses of the Arabian Sea, the Persian Gulf and breathtaking architectural daring panoramas of modern Dubai.

Ryugyong Hotel, DPRK

Ryugyong Hotel, КНДР

Hotel Ryugyong (Rügen - the old name of the capital of the DPRK Pyongyang) is the most storied in the world has, perhaps, the most paradoxical story in this list. The building-tower has 105 floors, this is the largest number of floors among hotels all over the world. In 1987, when the construction of Ryugyong Hotel was started, the North Korean authorities planned to build the highest hotel in the world, but construction was interrupted due to lack of foreign investment, and in 1992 it was suspended. Now the hotel is 330 meters high, completed, but not commissioned. In the meantime, construction was in progress, in Dubai and Saudi Arabia, higher hotels were commissioned.

Burj al Arab, United Arab Emirates

Burj al Arab, ОАЭ

Hotel Burj al Arab, or "Arab Tower", like the Rose Tower, is located in Dubai. This is one of the most expensive hotels in the world, the price of the room per day ranges from $ 1,000 to $ 28,000. The owners call their hotel seven-star, although formally the highest rating in the international ranking is five stars. In Burj al Arab there are no rooms in the usual sense of the word - all 202 rooms are located on two levels, the largest room occupies 780 square meters. The height of the building Burj al Arab - 321 meters, built in 1999.

Emirates Hotel Tower, United Arab Emirates

Emirates Hotel Tower, ОАЭ

The Emirates Hotel Tower, or the Emirate Tower-2, is also located in Dubai and is part of the eponymous complex of high-rise buildings. This 56-storey five-star hotel has 400 rooms, of which 10% belong to the "luxury" class. The height of the building is 309 meters, it was built in 2000.

Addres Downtown Burj Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Addres Downtown Burj Dubai, ОАЭ

Hotel Addres Downtown Burj Dubai is located in the same area of ​​Dubai as the hotel Burj al Arab, but it is inferior in height to it (306 meters), but it surpasses the floors by 63 floors. The hotel recently experienced a tragedy. On New Year's Eve on December 31, 2015, on the 20th floor for unexplained reasons, a fire started, because of the strong wind that swept through the whole building. When evacuating from a heart attack, one tourist died. At present the building is completely restored after a fire, the hotel hosts tourists.

Baiyoke Tower 2, Thailand

Baiyoke Tower 2, Таиланд

Hotel Baiyoke Tower 2 is the highest hotel in Southeast Asia and the tallest building in Thailand is 309 meters. A distinctive feature - a giant parking lot, occupies from 5 to 17 floors. And all in Baiyoke Tower 2 85 floors, at the last - a viewing platform with 360 degrees rotation. The building was built in 1999, and in 2002 the Norwegian paratroopers set the world record for jumping from fixed objects in Baiyoke Tower 2, having jumped from 81 floors.