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In Madrid, there will be buses with roof gardens

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Soon on the roofs of the bus stops in Madrid there will be small gardens ...

По Мадриду будут ездить автобусы с садами на крыше

In such an original way of power, Madrid is going to solve the problem of air pollution and excess carbon dioxide on city streets.

Each such stop will have its own irrigation system, which eliminates leaks. One mini-garden will cost an average of 2.5 thousand euros (the amount is slightly lower for stops and slightly higher for buses).

Каждая такая остановка будет иметь собственную систему полива, которая исключает протечки

According to Jose Antonio Anton, who leads the project, the gardens will be based on metal nets and reliable materials that can withstand watering. He says that the gardens are designed to absorb harmful emissions, noise and heat.

Идея создания садов принадлежит компании PhytoKinetic

The idea of ​​creating gardens belongs to the company PhytoKinetic and was recognized as the best of 800 offered at the contest. The first gardens will be placed on the roofs of buses, cruising on routes 34 and 27, they transport 17 million people a day. The routes pass through the most crowded areas of Madrid.