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A dozen of the world's most popular travel destinations are identified

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The UN World Tourism Organization published the results of the Tourism Highlights 2017 Edition, which named the ten countries of the world that enjoyed the greatest popularity among travelers in 2016 ...

Определена десятка наиболее популярных для путешествий стран мира

The leader of the list was France - in 2016 the country was visited by 82.6 million tourists. On the second and third positions were the United States and Spain - both countries have received 75.6 million travelers. However, for Spain this is 10.3% higher than in 2015, and for the USA - by 2.4% less.

The fourth place was taken by China (59.3 million foreign visitors), the fifth - Italy (50.7 million), the sixth - Great Britain (35.8 million). The list also includes Turkey (39.5 million), Germany (35.6 million), Mexico (35 million) and Thailand (32.6 million).

In 2016, travelers spent the most money in the United States - 205.9 billion dollars. The remaining countries in this indicator are significantly behind: next is Spain - $ 60.3 billion, Thailand - 49.9 billion, China - 44.4 billion, France - 42.5 billion.

The organization makes a Tourism Highlights rating every year, using data for the period that preceded the year of publication.