Данные о городе

Дата основания: 657 г.  до н.э.
Часовой пояс: GMT +2 (летом GMT +3)
Площадь: 121,7 км?
Население: 310 471 чел.
Рестораны и кафе: Многочисленные в центре города
Кухня: Румынская, Средиземноморская, Европейская
Шопинг: Магазины и бутики в центре города
Часы работы: 09:00 – 20:00



Характеристики порта

Официальное название: Порт Констанца
Местоположение: 44°10’ с.ш., 28°38’ в.д.
Адрес: Администрация морских портов
Телефон: +40 241 611540
Факс: +40 241 619512
E-mail: apmc@constantza-port.ro
Web-сайт: www.portofconstantza.com



График судозаходов


Карта города

Constanta, Romania

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Where the famous Ovidius spent his last years? What relation to Constanta has Count Dracula? Let's find the answers in Constanta.

Origin of the name. In 950 the city was named in honor of Constantia, the sister the emperor Constantine the Great. Antique name of the city is Tomis, which means "section" from Greek.

History. Ancient Greek settlement Tomis was founded in 500 b.c. by the expatriates from Miletus. According to other sources, the founder of the city was the king of Colchis Aetes.

The name of the famous Greek poet Publius Ovidius Naso is associated with the city. He has been exiled to a distant city of Tomis by the emperor Octavius Augustus. Here, away from relatives he spent his last years of life.

In the Roman times the city is blooming, became the large center, mint its coins. Apollo the God becomes the patron of the city.

In the middle age despite the desperate resistance leaded by the Iancu de Hunedoara and Vlad Tepes (well-known as Count Dracula) in 40th years of XV century, the province of Dobrogea was seized by the Ottoman Empire. According to legend, at the age of 12 Vlad Tepes has spent 4 long years in Turkish captivity, that affected his psychic.

Only since 1878, when the Russian troops conquered the territory, Romania gains independence and the new stage in city life begins. Carol I makes a decision to re-build the city. Wide boulevards, fountains and architecture add charm to the city

Constanta attracts tourists with its dry and soft climate and wide sandy beaches. Thanks to salubrious mud on the Mamaia and Eforie resorts you can recover from rheumatism, gynecological and skin diseases. Sanitation effect of the resorts is often set equal to the mud of Dead Sea.