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The fifth coordination meeting of TEMPUS CruiseT in Kherson (September 2015) Print E-mail

From the 7th till 11th of September the coordination meeting of the project Tempus Cruise-T was held in Kherson State University.


On the 7th of September during the meeting there were salutatorians from the rector of Kherson State University, pr. Vasily Stratonov, the first deputy chairman of Kherson regional state administration, Valentina Sechevaya, pr. of Paderborn University Nicholas Schaper, members of parliament of Ukraine, Alexander Spivakovsky and Andrei Gordeev, the director of consulting company “Dr. Guido Kaufmann e. K” , dr. Guido Kaufmann,  the national coordinator of the project TEMPUS Cruise-T in Ukraine, , pro-rector for scientific and pedagogical work and international activities of Odessa National Maritime Academy, Sergei Zaichko, the national coordinator of the project «Tempus Cruise-T" in Georgia, the dean of the faculty of Business and Management of  Batumi Maritime Academy, Roman Mamuladze. Professor Irina Golubkova presented the report according to the results of the work, which was done, and further plans of ONMA. Elvira Leshchinskaya, the head of the tourist service department of Odessa port, prepared the presentation about Odessa commercial sea port.

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At the end of the first working day the dean of the faculty of natural history, human health and tourism of Kherson State University Oksana Lavrikova told a short history of university and presented the faculty.  

On the 8th of September the students’ reports on the base of analyzes of problems and peculiarities of development of tourism on the tourism destinations of the countries partners were presented. The cadets of fourth and fifth courses of the Faculty of maritime law and management of Odessa National Maritime Julia Stoyanova, Margarita Shipitsyna, Aleksandra Samoilenko and Ekaterina Kasko showed the presentations on the topics: “Report on conducted survey and inspection of tourist potential of Odessa by cadets in the network Summer school“ and “Places in Odessa, equipped for people with special needs”.

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On the 9th of September four workshops were conducted by the leading professors of European universities.

The first workshop, devoted to service and quality of service in tourism, was held in hotel “Dnepr”. The moderators of this event were the coordinators of this project from the EU – Vyacheslav Nikitin and Wolfgang Fuchs. The representatives from Odessa national academy on this workshop were senior lecturer Marina Babachenko and cadet of the fourth course Margarita Shipitsyna. 

The second workshop about social networks and information technologies in tourism was held in the walls of Kherson State University. The master-class was conducted by media expert and chairman of the charity fund “Union” Yuri Antoshchuk. The representatives from Odessa national maritime academy on this workshop were senior lecturer Tatiana Lewinsky and cadet of the fourth course Julia Stoyanova.

The workshop, devoted to the cruise tourism and development of the cruise destinations, was conducted in the tourism agency “Pan Geo”. The moderator of this master-class was the coordinator of the project from Germany – Alexis Papathanassis. The representatives from Odessa national maritime academy on this workshop were senior lecturer Natalya Peresypkina and cadet of the fifth course Aleksandra Samoilenko.

The European coordinator of the project - Lyudmila Smardova led the workshop, dedicated to ecotourism, in the recreation center “Chaika”. The representatives from Odessa national maritime academy on this workshop were Professor Irina Golubkova and cadet of the fourth course Ekaterina Kasko.

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All the participants discussed actively the issues of various types of tourism in the region. The results of the workshops were given in presentations, prepared by students and teachers, which reflected the main steps of workshops and recommendations for solving of certain tasks.

On the 10th of September the students of Odessa national maritime academy together with students from Georgia, Bulgaria, Germany and Slovakia spoke about main aspects of the tourism business as a result of visiting workshops.

The second part of the day was devoted to visiting of tourist destinations in Kherson region. One group of participants of the project with a working visit went to New Kakhovka. In the yacht club “Maxim marine” representatives of each country presented their reports. In addition, during this event in presence of heads of Novokakhovsky authorities, representatives of Kherson state university the memorandum on cooperation of universities, participants of Tempus, was signed.


On the 11th of September the final day of coordination meeting of international project Tempus CruiseT was held in Kherson State University. All the partners presented their propositions and recommendations for further work of the project.


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