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“Regional competence center of cruise tourism
in the Black Sea region “Cruise Black Sea”

In June 2014, at the second coordination meeting in Bremerhaven (Germany), the delegation of the Odessa National Maritime Academy jointly with Georgian project participants introduced the developed concept of creation of a competence center, as the structural subdivision of ONMA. But after a long discussion of our proposals with colleagues from the universities of the European Union, taking into account their experience of creation of such centers, we came to common opinion, that it must be completely independent structure in the form of the Association. Close cooperation with the Odessa Commercial Sea Port played an important role in this case. Representatives of state enterprise "The administration of sea ports of Ukraine" offered to join efforts for completion of done huge work in this direction, which according to various reasons has not been finished to its logical end. Together, work of the creation of the Association under the brand, which for many years has been known all over the world for many years, has begun.

The structure and Statute of the Association were presented at the next meeting in Georgia. Documents for registration of the Association were submitted after discussion and some corrections.

In 2015, the Association "Regional Competence Center of cruise tourism in the Black Sea region " Black Sea Cruise "was included to the state register of subjects of entrepreneurial businesses and its Statute was approved by the Protocol №1 of General duties of members of the Association.

The founders of the Association are the Odessa National Maritime Academy and Kherson State University. The efforts of Kherson State University will be directed for monitoring of the current state, trends and direction’s developments of the tourist industry in the Kherson region, assistance in developing programs of science-based support of areas for practitioners of the tourist industry, attracting of the scientific potential of the University: practitioners, travel agents and tour operators to creation and realization of scientific support of all types of recreational and tourist activities.

Participants of the Association:

- Odessa subsidiary of state enterprise "Administration of sea ports of Ukraine";

- Association of Black and Azov Seas (BASPA);

- Transport Academy of Ukraine;

- Tourist information center of Odessa;

- Company "VG Marine Service";

- LLC "Southern Center for Tourism Development" Regionekotur ";

- Public organization "Odessa regional association of able-bodied invalids" Dobrobut-1 ";

- NGO "Foundation for Democratic Development";

- Odessa Regional Organization of the All-Ukrainian Youth Public Organization "Batkivschina Moloda";

- Ukrainian Association for the Protection of the Sea.

Purposes of creation of the Association:

- Consolidation, coordination, protection and settling of the legitimate interests of Association’s members, related to their activities in the sphere of revival and development of the cruise sector of tourism in the region;

- Assistance in formation and promotion of ethical principles in the sphere of cruise-tourist and yacht navigation, particularly on the implementation of the rules of fair competition and behavior;

- The creation of favorable conditions for enterprises of cruise, yachting and tourist sectors;

- Development of international cooperation;

- The protection of the investment market of yacht cruise and tourist sectors from unfair organizations and enterprises;

- Realization of actions of improvement the safety, quality and needs of the cruise-tourist services.

The subject of the Association is:

- Training of high qualification specialists of tourist and cruise destinations;

- The formation of the scientific potential of the effective exploitation of the Black Sea cruise tourist space;

- An increase of cruise passengers in the region;

- The assistance in promotion of several basic ports in the Black Sea;

- Promotion of the Black Sea cruise destination at the international cruise market under a single brand and a single mission;

- An increase of the participant’s effectiveness by sharing information;

- The development of good and competitive relationships between cruise ports;

- Assistance in the development of infrastructure and transport, which adjacent to cruise sphere;

- Protection of interests of its members in government organs;

- Creation of conditions for the resolution of disputes by reaching reconciliatory agreements;

- Development of quality standards for services;

- Creating of conditions for entering of the Association into foreign markets;

- Preparation of annual marketing analysis and report about the development of the Black Sea cruise tourist destination;

- Presentation of the Association at international exhibitions and other forums of tourist cruise industry;

- Strengthening relations with international organizations;

- Appearance in the media;

- Creation of a site of the Association and ensuring its work;

- The realization of relations with the authorities and between the members.

In prospect a member of the Association can be:

- Any economic entity, juridical person, whose activity extends within the territory of Ukraine;

- International companies, institutions and organizations, irrespective of ownership, whose activity is connected with cruise and yacht shipping and infrastructure;

- Persons who use the services of the Association’s members;

- All aforesaid are agree to fulfill obligations under the Statute of the Association.