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About city

Date of establishment: September 2, 1794
Time zone: GMT +2 (summer period GMT +3)
Total area: 236.9 km?
Population: 1 mln. people
Restaurants and cafes: Accessible in any part of the city
Cuisine: Russian, Ukrainian, cosmopolitan

Shopping: Boutiques and shopping centers in the city center

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Port data

Official port name: State Enterprise “Odessa Commercial Sea Port”
Location: 46°32’ N, 30°54’ E
Address: 1, Tamozhennaya Sq., Odessa 65026 Ukraine

Telephone: +38 048 729 35 00
Fax: +38 048 729 36 01

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Cruise ship-calling schedule



City map

Odessa, Ukraine

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After the establishment of the port and the city in 1792 according to the decree of the Empress Catherine the Great Odessa, owing to wisdom and foresight of the leaders Odessa became the third largest city of the Russian Empire. Full-fledged citizens of the city were representatives of more than 100 nationalities, whose heirs live in Odessa till now.

It is difficult to say what Odessa is famous for: Potemkin Stairs or “Beef Stroganoff” dish, the catacombs or the Opera and Ballet Theater? We believe that for people who loved and love their city and created for it. Odessa still gives birth to geniuses and provides the world. The full list is too long, but some of the most famous citizens of Odessa are David Oistrakh and Svyatoslav Richter, Vladimir Zhabotinsky and Sidney Reilly (model for James Bond), ancestors of Sylvester Stallone, Steven Spielberg and Louis B. Meyer, the founder of MGM.