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Cruise associations around the world are committed to boosting destination appeal. Here, they explain how itinerary planners can take advantage of their services to build the best experiences possible.


CLIA’s Executive Partner Program provides an invaluable platform not only to raise partners’ company profiles andClia provide access to regulatory and technical expertise, but also to connect stakeholders such as ports and suppliers to our cruise line members. This delivers fast-track, targeted value for building relationships with cruise industry decision makers.

 Bo Larsen, Global Director, Port Engagement and Business Development

CruiseBC_4c_300Cruise BC

Cruise BC is a proud association of British Columbia ports. No one knows the British Columbia coastal waters and its port cities of Nanaimo, Prince Rupert, Victoria and Vancouver better than Cruise BC, and we want to share our knowledge and experience. We have a fantastic team ready to meet with you and develop itineraries tailored to your cruise line. Rebecca Penz, Chair

The Cruise Association of Newfoundland & Labrador

The Cruise Association of Newfoundland & Labrador is the one-stop shop for alllabrador cruise-related resources in our province. It is our job to link itinerary planners with any key contacts they may require. We work to position the province strategically within a diverse set of markets. We employ joint marketing agreements, online strategies and social media campaigns to educate consumers, sell our destinations, and ensure that we remain front and centre of the international stage.

 Dennis O’Keefe, Chair and Mayor, City of St. John’s

lawrenceCruise the Saint Lawrence

Cruise the Saint Lawrence offers a variety of services to cruise lines including itinerary planning assistance, and, through our website, provides a wealth of information specific to each of the nine Saint Lawrence ports of call. Together with our members, we are currently implementing a Greeting Policy to help us become the destination that provides the best welcome in the world. Our association is also investing in targeted marketing activities to promote summer season offerings and itineraries featuring stopovers.

Ren? Trepanier, Executive Director

Atlantic Canada cruise Association

Consumers consistently tell us the number one factor when purchasing a cruise is the destination. Even as neweratlantic_canada ships become attractions in themselves, the destinations they visit continue to be the top way of attracting passengers. This is where we come in. Our association knows Atlantic Canada – each port and the must-see places.

Brian Webb, Executive Director

cruise_europeCRUISE EUROPE

Cruise Europe is a one-stop shop for itinerary planners. We host information about all 110 member ports and seven associate members across Europe on the CE website. Planners can also use our digital Port Handbook tool to select the ports they want to call at and find the information they need. We provide updates about new members, port developments and tours. We also host regular networking events, including the annual Cruise Europe Conference, which will take place in Santander, Spain, in April 2015.

Jens Chr. Skrede, Managing Director

Cruise Baltic

Network Cruise Baltic aims to be the first point of contact between cruise lines and its 28 destinations in the Balticcruise_baltic Sea region. We offer itinerary planners an essential planning tool – the Port Service Standards – that provides them with detailed and up-to-date information covering length and depth of piers, bollard strength, tendering opportunities and more. We are committed to delivering the best knowledge possible to cruise lines and travel agents wanting to discover the unique appeal of the Baltic Sea region.

Claus B?dker, Director

CIOACruise Indian Ocean Association

Simply and briefly, the main advantage that an itinerary planner gains from an association like the CIOA is being able to contact a one-stop shop expert who is able to provide virtually instant answers on numerous queries related to the overall destination. We provide up-to-date information about the region’s harbour developments, the latest shore excursion offerings, security matters and other pertinent factors that an itinerary planner sitting in his office on the other side of the world needs to know.


Cruise Wales works in partnership with the country’s six cruise ports, destinations, cruise suppliers and the WelshWales-Cymru Government to showcase all that Wales has to offer, including its Celtic culture and heritage, 1200kms of coastline and three national parks. Our association provides itinerary planners with everything they need to know to bring cruise ships to Wales. Through us, they can plan and book cruise programmes, create unique itineraries and get their hands on helpful resources.


MedCruiseLogoMedCruise represents Mediterranean ports and its mission is to promote the cruise industry in the Mediterranean and its adjoining seas. Members benefit from networking, promotional and professional development opportunities. The association currently has 71 members from more than 100 ports around the Mediterranean region, including the Black Sea, the Red Sea and the Near Atlantic, plus 32 associate members, representing other associations, tourist boards and ship/port agents.

Thano Pallis, Secretary General



Cruise Market Watch Announces 2014 Cruise Trends Forecast Print E-mail

Now in its sixth consecutive year, we are proud to release the 2014 cruise market forecast.Cruise_Market_Watch

Over the last six years the industry has adeptly managed a “great recession” and series of unfortunate, albeit historically rare, ship incidents. The Carnival Triumph (on the heals Costa Concordia the year prior) impacted Carnival Cruise Line actual revenues by about -5.8% from the original 2013 estimate(having been projected two months prior to Triumph in November 2012). The other cruise lines ended the year in line with prior estimates. Looking forward to 2014 the industry is expected to begin its normalization towards historic growth trends.

Among the 2014 highlights:

 • The worldwide cruise market is estimated at $37.1 billion, up 2.3% from 2013.

 • Cruise passengers carried worldwide in 2014 is forecast at 21.6 million, a 3.0% increase over 2013.

 • The top three cruise companies Carnival Corporation (NYSE: CCL), Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Co (NYSE: RCL) and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd (NASDAQ: NCLH) account for 79.4% of worldwide share of passengers carried and 71.8% of worldwide share of revenues.

 • Direct spending by passengers and crew at all cruise ports in the world is estimated at $18.9 billion.

 • The top two ports are Miami, FL for embarkations and Nassau Bahamas as destination.

 • Total worldwide cruise capacity at the end of 2014 will be 453,211 passengers (a 3.2% increase over 2013)

 • The average per passenger per day spending is projected to be $214.44, with $162.69 ticket price and $51.74 on board spending (average cruise duration 8.0 days, median duration 7.0 days)

A total of six new ships will be added in 2014 with a gain in passenger capacity of 17,410 (including the 4,000 passenger Norwegian Getaway, the 3,600 passenger Regal Princess, 2,500-guest Mein Schiff 3 (Tui Cruises), 3,000 berth Costa Diadema and 4,100 passenger Quantum of the Seas. Looking out further, 17 more new cruise ships will add 41,162 passenger capacity or 9.1% to passenger capacity by the end of 2016 – generating $3.4 billion more in annual revenue for the cruise industry.

By 2018, 24.1 million cruise passengers are expected to be carried worldwide of which 58.8% will originate from North America and 27.2% Europe.


From the history of Odessa International Cruise Summit “Black Sea Cruise” Print E-mail


Experts say that by 2020 every second tourist will have an unforgettable experience of cruise tourism. Cruise market is increasing due to construction of new “floating hotels” and growing popularity of the rest surrounded by moving impressions. Under such circumstances it is extremely important to revive and develop “the most beautiful and modern type of maritime business” in the Black Sea region. Having a high tourist potential, long-term original history and amazing hospitality, the Black Sea region has all chances to become a real cruise destination discovery on the global cruise map. This very issue is the main goal of the international cruise conference “Black Sea Cruise”, the organizers of which are State Enterprise “Odessa Commercial Sea Port”, the Association of Mediterranean Cruise Ports “MedCruise”, International Black and Azov Seas Port Association (BASPA).

The first conference “Black Sea Cruise” took place on 24-25, September, 2008 in the city of Odessa. Among its participants were representatives not only from all countries of the Black Sea region (Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia) but also representatives of companies from Greece, Italy, Kazakhstan, Great Britain, the USA, Spain and Germany. The most attractive point of the event was the presence of such representatives of the world cruise industry as Vice-President of the shipping company «Royal Caribbean» John Tercek (USA), Vice-President of the shipping company “Princess Cruises” Bruce Krumrine (USA), the Head of Maritime Operations Department of the shipping company “Mediterranean Shipping Company” Luigi Pastena as well as such experts as Secretary General of the Association of Mediterranean Cruise Ports “MedCruise” Jose Campos (Spain), Vice-President of the Association “MedCruise” Valeria Mangiarotti (Spain), the President of the company “G.P.Wild International Ltd” Peter Wilde (Great Britain), etc.


Тенденции в развитии круизного рынка Print E-mail
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В последние четыре десятилетия круизное судоходство развивалось вполне успешно. Поначалу круизный бизнес бурно развивался в Америке. Затем морские круизы начали приобретать постоянно растущую популярность в Европе, и в последние годы, примерно с начала 90-х годов прошлого века, круизное судоходство переживает здесь период быстрого роста.


Если десять лет назад, в 2002 году общее количество пассажиро-ночей на различных круизных линиях европейских направлений составляло примерно две пятых от количества пассажиро-ночей на карибских направлениях (около 13 млн против 31 млн), то уже в 2011 году европейский рынок круизных перевозок был немногим менее активным, чем североамериканский (45 млн против приблизительно 49—50 млн).


Точные данные по общему количеству круизных туристов в мире на 2011 год пока отсутствуют, но в 2010 году их насчитывалось примерно 18,7 млн человек. Из этого количества 11 млн человек — североамериканцы, примерно 5,5 млн — жители Европы. Из европейцев наиболее страстными поклонниками морского туризма оказались жители Великобритании — 1 млн 621 тыс. пассажиров, за ними следуют немцы — 1 млн 219 тыс., итальянцы — 889 тыс., испанцы — 645 тыс. и французы — 387 тыс. По существующим на настоящий момент прогнозам, в 2017 году морские круизы совершат 6,8 млн жителей Европы.