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Coming to the sea is not a ticket, but in private, most of our fellow citizens prefer to stay in private apartments. No exception - Anapa and the surrounding villages.

Частный сектор для отдыха в Анапе – хорошая альтернатива отелям

Among the advantages of the private sector is the lack of people who are typical of hotels and holiday homes. It is for this kind of home comfort and appreciate the coming accommodation in the private sector.

In addition, living in a private house or apartment, you can always fully control your expenses. There is an opportunity to pay for those services that are necessary, and not to spend money on the services that hotels provide. In Anapa is very well developed infrastructure. And it's easy to find a good and inexpensive cafe, a tour desk or entertainment for every taste. And those who prefer home-made dinners, for sure, will like the kitchens and barbecues that are in every house. Many houses in Anapa can offer their guests gazebos, summer terraces, parking for cars or small pools.

Price and quality

Частный сектор для отдыха в Анапе

Of course, it is necessary to take into account the relationship between price and quality. After all, it is often possible to rent an apartment in Anapa for the same money as a one-room hotel. The choice of housing is offered the widest - from the room in the apartment to your house with a garden. The key points here are cost and preferences.

When going to rest in Anapa, you need to consider that the best and most profitable offers are bought up very quickly. Often before the start of the holiday season, all the best places to stay are already painted for the whole summer, literally by the hour. And although at the height of the season in the city, many housing offers, prices in this period are increasing significantly.

Influence of the season and places of rest

Частный сектор Анапы

The cost of renting apartments varies depending on many factors. One-bedroom apartment in Anapa in May is 500-600 rubles per day, two-room will cost, at least, 1000 rubles. But in peak season, in July-August, prices rise from two times.

The cost of the apartment also depends on the distance to the sea and the distance from the city center. Planning your vacation, you need to evaluate these proposals, and make your choice a few months before departure. And if you like the rest, you can agree on the arrival of the next year, and in advance to discuss the time and cost of living.


Another option is to rest in one of the towns near the city. One of the best options - the village of Sukko on the shore of the eponymous bay, 14 km from Anapa. You can reach the city at any time by minibus or bus.

In Sukko for recreation created all the conditions - shops, cafes, entertainment center and beautiful pebbly beaches. The private sector in Anapa and Sukko is the most convenient option for recreation, where the level of comfort is determined by preferences and budget.

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