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If you have chosen to relax Pattaya , you can safely forget about boredom, because of the variety of all kinds of excursions and entertainment, including nightlife, it has no equal in Thailand ...

Где в Паттайе чище море?

The truth is, there is this popular Thai resort and one very significant for "beach people" who buy tours to Pattaya , a disadvantage - no matter how expensive and good your hotel is, it is almost impossible to find a clean sea here.

The main reason for this is the very densely populated city with its sewage drains, as well as its port with numerous boats, ferries and boats raising sand from the bottom, which causes water to become cloudy in the sea.

Therefore, if the main purpose of your trip is bathing and the beach, it is better to choose another place for recreation, for example, the islands of Phuket or Koh Samui .

And in this article we will try to figure out where the sea is cleanest in Pattaya itself , and also where you can find crystal clear sea and snow-white beaches in its surroundings.

In the resort area of ​​Pattaya, you can swim only on the outskirts, in the north in the Wong Amat Beach area and in the south in the Jomtien Beach area, the water there though unclear, but quite clean. In the central part of the resort, the water is not only muddy, but also often dirty (because of this, it can be simply unpleasant to swim here), including thanks to the numerous tourists who throw garbage from boats and ferries into the sea.

Где в Паттайе чище море?

Где в Паттайе чистое море?

Well, for crystal clear water and snow-white sand you can go to the nearest islands. It's easy and inexpensive, a lot of ferries and boats go to Pattaya every day.

It should be noted that these islands do not come every day, because it takes almost the whole day, and in fact, in addition to beach holidays, many of you will want, probably, more and have other trips to catch.

So, below offer you several islands with clear sea and magnificent sandy beaches, which you can go to if you are on holiday in Pattaya:

Ko-Lan (Ko Lan)

This island closest to Pattaya is located about 8 kilometers to the west. Here is clean water and there are several good beaches with white fine sand and there are always a lot of tourists.

Ко-Лан (Ko Lan) в Паттайе

The island of Lan is small and hilly, covered with tropical forests, the length is about 4.5 km and the maximum width is 2 km. Most of the beaches are on its western side. The most visited is Tawaen Beach (Tawaien Beach), a 700 meter wide beach located in a small harbor.

Ко Лан (Ko Lan)

Since the island is small, entertainment for tourists here at least - water skiing and motorcycles, riding on bananas, beach cafes and souvenir shops. And since most of the beaches of the island are privately owned, sunbeds are paid.

Остров Лан (Ko Lan) в Паттайе

There are on the island of Lahn and bungalows for overnight, that is, if you wish, you can always stay with an overnight stay.

Get here on the boat in 15-20 minutes (~ 2000 baht for the whole boat), and on the ferry - about 40 minutes (~ 30 baht per person in one direction). Ferries leave from South Pattaya, from the Bali Hai pier daily from 7 am to 6:30 pm.

From the ferry to any beach on the island of Lahn, you can take a taxi, minibus, tuk-tuk or motobike (for 30-50 baht). Also it is possible to rent motobike for a day - for about 300 baht.

Near the island of Koh Lan are two small islands Ko Sak and Koh Krok.

Ko-Sak (Ko Sak)

Sak Island is a small island in the shape of a horseshoe, located 600 meters north of the island of Lahn. There are two beaches for tourists, as well as good conditions for diving. On the island you can spend the night.

Вид на остров Ко-Сак с острова Ко-Лан

Пляж острова Ко-Сак

Ko Krok

Croke Island is a private island located about 1.5 kilometers east of Lahn Island. There is only one beach for tourists, since the rest of the coast is rocky. Also in the coastal waters of this islet there is a beautiful coral reef.

Остров Ко-Крок (Ko Krok) в Паттайе

Ko Phai

This island is located about 21 kilometers west of Pattaya and is often referred to in Thai guidebooks as "Bamboo Island". Time on the way here on a speedboat from Pattaya from the pier of Bali Hai - about an hour.

Ко-Пхай (Ko Phai)

The island of Phai itself is almost 4 km in length, its maximum width is about 1.5 km. Quite rocky and wooded, with good sandy beaches. Tourists here are not so much as on the neighboring island of Lahn.

One of the main attractions of Phai Island is several well-preserved coral reefs, with a very rich underwater world.

Остров Ко-Пхай (Ko Phai) в Паттайе

Stay for the night on the island of Phai nowhere, water and food should be taken with them.

To the northwest of Koh Phaya is the rocky island of Ko Luam and to the east of it is the tiny island of Ko Luam Noi.

To the south of Koh Phaya is a small island Ko Hu Chang, then the island of Ko Klung Badan, and to the south - Ko Man Wichai. The last island is famous for its coral reefs with the richest underwater world.