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Mallorca , also known as Mallorca (Mallorca) is one of the five Balearic islands located in the Mediterranean, and belonging to Spain . Here the sunny, soft and warm climate, amazing landscapes and beautiful mountains, covered with dense forests.

Что посмотреть на Майорке?

In this article we will try to answer the question "What to see in Mallorca" - we will tell about the most interesting places and sights of this island.

Perhaps, rest on the island of Mallorca should begin with a visit to its capital, the city of Palma de Mallorca, laid back in 123 BC. era during the conquest of the archipelago by the Roman Empire.

What to See in Palma de Mallorca

Что посмотреть в Пальма-де-Майорка?

The historical center of Mallorca,
with its cobweb of narrow streets with ancient buildings and churches, is itself an open-air attraction, which is difficult to ignore.

Special attention of tourists in Palma (the name of Catalonia is called Palma de Mallorca) deserve the famous Bellver Castle and the Cathedral of Santa Maria.

Замок Бельвер (Castell de Bellver)

Castle Bellver (Castell de Bellver)
- one of the most famous business cards of the island. It was built between 1300 and 1311 as a summer royal residence. The main two-story building has an unusual round shape. On the first floor, where narrow loopholes instead of windows, housed the utility rooms and lived a servant. On the second floor there are official premises, royal apartments, a kitchen and a chapel.

All the towers of the castle are oriented to the sides of the world. The main 4-storeyed 25-meter tower with a diameter of 12 meters looks strictly to the north, three horseshoe-shaped towers look at the other three directions of the world, and four small turrets point to the north-east, north-west, south-east and south-west.

Кафедральный собор Санта-Мария (Catedral de Santa María de Palma de Mallorca)

The Cathedral of Santa Maria (Catedral de Santa María de Palma de Mallorca)
- its construction lasted for 360 years - from 1230 to 1587 years. The cathedral is built on the ruins of a mosque, which was in this place earlier. Due to its impressive size it is considered one of the largest monuments of Gothic architecture in southern Europe.

Дворец Альмудайна (Palace of La Almudaina), находится слева от Кафедрального собора

Palace of Almudaina (Palace of La Almudaina)
- was originally built by the Moors as a fortress, but in the period from 1281 to 1343 years it was rebuilt and became a royal residence. The royal family uses it from time to time as an official residence during ceremonies and solemn receptions. Also here are the National Museum and military services. It is located next to the Cathedral.

Well, what kind of beach vacation in Spain without water parks? In Mallorca there are four of them - Aqualand El Arenal, Marineland Mallorca, Western Water Park and Hidropark Alcudia. The largest and most interesting are the first two, about them below a little more in detail.

Аквапарк «Aqualand El Arenal»

Aqualand Aqualand El Arenal
is one of the largest water parks in Mallorca with a lot of water attractions and a variety of pools, including waves. It will appeal to adults and children alike. Official site - aqualand.es

Аквапарк «Marineland Mallorca»

Aquapark "Marineland Mallorca"
is simultaneously a water amusement park, and a dolphinarium and a zoo. Visitors can see three original shows: with dolphins, seals and exotic birds. Official site - marineland.es

Пальма Аквариум (Palma Aquarium)

Palma Aquarium
is located 500 meters from the beach of Playa de Palma, and has 55 aquariums, where you can see more than 8,000 underwater inhabitants of the Mediterranean, Indian, Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Official site - palmaaquarium.com

What else can you visit in Majorca

Вальдемоса (Valldemossa)

Valdemossa (Valldemossa)
- a picturesque town 15 km north of Palma, popular with tourists due to its remoteness, tranquility and privacy. Above the city stands Valdemoss Monastery, founded in 1399 and known for the fact that from 1838 to 1839 it was for two months to stop the Polish composer Frederic Chopin and the French writer Georges Sand. Time she stayed here, she described in one of her books entitled "Winter in Mallorca".

Дейя (Deià)

Deia (Deià)
is a small village located 10 kilometers north of Valdemossa, attracting tourists with its history and idyllic landscapes of orange and olive groves on the steep cliffs of the Mediterranean coast. It was here that lived and created many famous personalities, representatives of art.

Баньяльбуфар (Bañalbufar)

To the south of Valdemossa on the rocky coast there is one more interesting village - Banyalbufar (Bañalbufar) . Its highlight is the picturesque terraced fields, built in the distant past by the Arabs (10-13 century). At first they grew grapes, but after the insects destroyed all the island vineyards in the 19th century, vegetable gardens appeared. In addition, the village is famous for its ceramics. Here you can buy ceramic plates, toys, jugs and much more.

Замок Капдепера (Castell de Capdepera)

Castle of Capdepera (Castell de Capdepera)
- is located on a 130 meter mountain near the town of the same name in the northeast of the island. It was built as a fortified settlement in the period from 1300 to 1386 years. Inside the fortress walls (have a triangular shape) to date, only a few buildings have been preserved, including the Governor's House of the XIX century, the church and several towers. From the walls of the castle you can see the strait between Majorca and Menorca.

Мыс Форментор (Cap de Formentor)

Cape Formentor (Cap de Formentor)
is the most northern point of Mallorca, located on the edge of the 12-kilometer peninsula. There are several viewing platforms, the most famous of which is the Mirador d'es Colomer, with an impressive view. Also here is the watchtower Talaia d'Albercutx (at an altitude of 390 m, built in the 16th century), a beach and a lighthouse. If you go here by car, evaluate your strength, because the roads are very narrow, and the turns are very steep.

Исторический поезд Ferrocarril de Sóller

The historical train Ferrocarril de Sóller
- a trip on an ancient train from Palma to the beautiful mountain town of Soller is considered one of the most fascinating travels in Mallorca. The road was built in 1912, and was originally built to transport oranges. Now it is a popular tourist route, the length of about 27 km, passing through the picturesque mountainous places of Mallorca through ancient aqueducts and tunnels.

And from Soller, located 4 km from the coast, to the Port of Soller (Port de Soller), there is an old electrified tram - Tranvia de Soller .


Schedule and fare on the train and tram can be viewed at trendesoller.com