The cruise liner with 20-years experience of visiting South Palmira called at Odessa sea port Print E-mail

DSCN0066-0On May, 245 on 7:15 in the morning, the workers of Odessa passenger terminal met first mooring from the mariners of the liner WIND STAR (134m, Bahamas flag)

 The m/v came from Turkish port Bartin. On 17:00 the vessel left to Constanta, according to the agency company, Vladimir Basyuk. The vessel carried 205 passengers on board, mainly the citizens of the USA and Great Britain, “plus” hawk who is regarded to be a symbol of the vessel. 147 people from the crew serviced them.

The sightseeing tour over Odessa city was planned for passengers, and also a visit to the Opera House and Ballet for the performances “Chopiniana” and “Carmen Suite”.

Interesting facts. The liner was built in Germany in 1988 for the cruise company Seabourn cruises and was named primary SEABOURN PRIDE. In May 2014 the vessel entered the fleet of the cruise company Windstar cruises with a current name.

According to the information of the chief pilot-operator of the Vessel Traffic Control, Yuriy Stuliy, for the first time this vessel called at Odessa 20 years ago. Then, in 1995, the legendary pilot V.K.Richter passed the vessel to the harbor. Since that time, the vessel visited Odessa constantly, and even 3 times previous year.