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Black sea is fairly considered to be a crossroads of civilizations. Its coast was a witness of Indo-European tribes’ migration, the Great Flood; all world empires have left here a trace. These lands store many secrets, which will be discovered by us. The hospitable sea (Ponte Euxene) is waiting for you.


Dear web-site visitors!

The project “Cruise Black Sea” was created by a group of enthusiasts aspiring to develop cruise navigation on the Black Sea and to revive fleet of Ukraine and other Black Sea countries.

We’ve conducted a marketing research of the world cruise market, the comparative analysis of leading base ports of the world, the analysis of potential of the tourist market of the CIS countries. Results of these researches have shown that in the near future the Black Sea can become one of the leading cruise directions in the world.

The largest Black Sea ports have headed for the infrastructure development for the possibility of mega-liners reception. Meanwhile each of the 16 ports is ideally suited for the reception of cruise ships of the developing niche segment of the cruise industry.

We have everything for tourists that prefer individual service, chamber conditions and unusual excursions. We invite you!

We are sure that soon the Black Sea will become a real cruise discovery and that the flags of white steam-ships will be joyfully beating in every port.

Our countries and cultures are very different but just like the spectrum colors being united form white color, the most universal and pure one, we open a new page of our history and create a universal cruise direction as well. Let it present to you a full spectrum of unforgettable impressions.

Our aims:

* to increase the number of cruise tourists on the Black Sea
* to develop small ports of the Black Sea as the cruise ones
* to develop tourist infrastructure in seaports
* to revive circle cruises on the Black Sea
* to develop the integration processes between the Black Sea countries
* to generate interest towards cruise tourism